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Turn The Mess Into Magic

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi Beautiful hearts,

the more I grow and evolve into my most truest authentic self ,the more I really and fully understand why my own life path was set up the way it was!

I am for sure someone who learns best by doing. With this being said it makes complete sense that someone who is a natural healer of others( *the ability to hold space while reminding others of their true power, *able to shift energy to shift the way another see's themselves and the world they live in) has to have life experience in healing ones self too. I have healed from so much on a physical, mental, heart, material and spiritual level. I know from first hand experience how it feels to be in a place in life where nothing makes sense and everything around me felt like one big mess.

I had my time of feeling powerless. I had my time of playing out the victim role. I had my time of playing out the saviour role then feeling frustrated when those who I was trying to rescue didn't take my hand. I now laugh when I look back at all my once seen as wrong turns,mistakes,my frustrations and misunderstandings as it highlights just how much I have learnt because of all my messy times.

I discovered the best way to overcome any situation with the least pain is to take the glimmers of good and work with that. To sift through the murky waters and find those golden nuggets of inspiration and wisdom and keep moving forward. We can turn any difficult situation to our advantage when we understand how.

If we can learn and grow from life experiences and not allow the way the mind see's it to bury us in the experience, we can make magic from it instead! What can you make from the mess that will benefit you, your life and even others?

I wish you all the very best

All my love

Nayalla xxx

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