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An Evolutionary Energy Incoming

Hi Beautiful hearts,

If you are sensitive to energies like I am, then I am sure you have picked up some pretty big energies heading our way right now. Even if you haven’t yet picked up, or felt them yet, with a blood full moon and lunar eclipse just around the corner, it’s guaranteed some big energies are incoming!

I felt it was important to share with you what I picked up about these energies, and also share how best to navigate through them. Also, how to best use them to help you manifest, grow and transform yourself and your World internally and externally!

This energy could be very intimidating as it first comes in due to its intensity, it may overwhelm and even knock you sideways. Yet if we work through any fears, anxiety or doubts, we can use this energy to move us forward. It is very transformational in nature.

I picked up this is a very mentally focused time; with us all being asked to take a look at how we use words. How we speak to ourselves and others and also how our thoughts are working for us or against us.

This is a time to stay present with all we are shown. To breathe, observe and analyse. The ego will want to dodge this process and run for the hills, but this is for our betterment, so please override the ego and sit with the energy, move with this energy and let it guide you forward.

You may experience moments of emotional disturbances or anxiety. You may feel more on edge or get triggered more easily at this time. You may experience old thought patterns coming back up, old habits, intruding thoughts, negative beliefs, memories or even trauma may come up to be worked through. You may also have some shame or guilt coming up about the past. This all can be used as a guide to show you where you need to focus on, to heal in order to grow and evolve.

This is a period of time that asks us to cleanse, clear, release and let go of anything that no longer serves us. Maybe we have toxic ways of dealing with, or looking at life, or ourselves. Maybe we are over critical and too hard on ourselves. Maybe we play the victim or blame others and ignore our part to play. Maybe we have insecurities that are holding us back. Its’ time to take note of our daily actions, words, behaviours and thoughts. Once we catch ourselves, we can then do something about it and change for the better.

Its super important to take care of our inner child at this time. Protect them, shield them, talk kindly to them, reassure them, shower them with love. Forgive yourself for all past mistakes, actions, behaviours and words. Forgive the unconscious parts of you and pour love into all those places. I found the energy of forgiveness and purity really helps to ease any intensity with these energies we will be working with.

If you are feeling extra sensitive, I would stay away from public places, or busy places with lots of people until you feel less wobbly, and more balanced and stronger within yourself. Shield your energy as the collective unconscious will be very loud over the next week. Breathe, get out into nature, drink plenty of water, meditate, use affirmations or mantras, or use eft tapping.

The energy of the Lunar Eclipse is to put focus on the darkness, depth and shadow. Light is being covered up for a little while. Go into the darkness, do not fear it. Focus on healing and self-love. It will pass and you will come out the other end stronger, wiser and lighter, if you allow yourself to flow through the process.

This is an initiation and its important you purge what needs to be purged. Let go of what is ready to leave. See what is coming up to be seen. Heal what needs to be healed. There is an ending here, and many people fear death energy, but remember this, when we clear all that no longer serves, we make way for a brighter future.

A brighter future is ready to be birthed.

New Earth energy is just waiting for us to match her energy.

This is our time to do the inner work so we can experience this brighter future just coming up over the horizon.

This is a time to surrender!

As the higher Divine Feminine energy floods the Erath plane, clearing the way for us to remember our true essence, we are asked to let go. To let go of habits of the old masculine principles. This is not a time to rush, force or push. This is a time to work with, to surrender, to trust, and to flow.

I channelled some words the other day and put them on twitter and feel like they really connect with what is ready to be birthed from humanity right now. So, I am sharing them here with you too!

I am a seed of humanity

The worst of humanity can be found within me

Yet also the best

I hold potential to lead with love

Or lead with hate

I can grow through adversity

Or wither in victim mentally

I hold potential to grow into anything my mind allows





I am a seed of humanity

For humanity

I hold memory

of the past

& codes

for the new

I have access to the stars

While being grounded


into the unconditional love

of Mother Earth

I am futuristic retro




The formless grounded

by form


I also have a healing meditation that you might like to listen to over the next few days. It’s for the Lunar Eclipse energy.

Please do not fear what is happening. It really is all to help us all evolve. To transform the heavy energy into crystalline codes that will materialize as New Earth within us and around us. When I say New Earth, it is more humanity seeing life and Earth as she has always been. We need to all take responsibility for how we each got to where we are now, and do better moving forward.

Focus on what you want.

Being down on life, yourself and others will only create more downward thinking and energy. Hold space for healing, growth and important change.

Change is coming!

Be the change you wish to see in this World!

We all want better yet in order to experience better we all have to do our part!

Be kinder to yourself moving forward

You deserve your own love, care and attention

See the beauty in each new day

See how beautiful of a World, how beautiful Earth really is!

Open up your heart

A seed has to spend time in the darkness of the soil before it pushes up and experiences the light of day. Let the darkness of this lunar eclipse elevate you to new heights as you delve a little deeper into your own shadow.

If it does all get too overwhelming and you can't find your balance, please reach out to someone for support or guidance. If you don’t have anyone, then please reach out to me.

You are not alone we are all in this together!

Take care

Sending so much love your way


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