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Data Light Wave Transmission ~ Archangel Metatron Quantum Travel

Dear One,

A Dear One connected, as well as containing, within them many. And within the many, the many contain the One! In which we shall expand upon within this very message.

Your question put forward asks "when you appear in another timeline as you are the same person as if the person you look like there but you are a different person although it seems like you're the person who is already there. How can I ask Archangel Metatron to do this to me?

At the risk of leading to disappointment, leading to despondence, or discouragement, this must be firstly pointed out, I alone do not shift anyone physically through time, from one reality to another nor shift them from one Timeline to another Timeline. The messages shared often may lose meaning once passed on. Or further still can be lost in translation as it travels though physicality and density from one channel to another, one interpretation to another, or one mind to another.

I do however guide, and invite others, to travel on the unique frequency code of Metatron. Using the codes or geometric shapes and structures found within Metatron's cube. I show you how to travel from your own Universe into the Multiverse, how to travel outside of time, to travel to other dimensions, travel into hyperspace and beyond, all found within your very own consciousness. This is travelling, or going beyond the physical via light codes and activations. Or using your light body, or once activated fully, the Merkabah. I share how to read or interpretate light codes. Information presented as light, as frequency, as sound, emerging as geometric structures, patterns or shapes.

You my Dear One have come to meet many "choice points" along your journey so far, and will continue to do so. You have been given free will, and so I would never influence this right, and instead support your decisions. Yet I will give you access to outcomes from the chosen "choice points". Each "choice point" branches off into the path you decided to go down, and the path you didn't. Yet the path you didn't still has an energetic charge, and becomes an alternative reality. A part of your consciousness fractals off from the whole, and explores this newly created alternative reality. A new Timeline so to speak is created, and a parallel reality has also emerged as a fractal. Within this fractal is a geometric structure or pattern, containing the information of this parallel, or alternative reality.

So many fractals of you exist within parallel reality timelines, energetic coding of each path taken and not taken. All you, but with slight variations and subtle differences. This is the honeycomb like structure of the multiverse, and each cell holds a fractal of information held within the whole.

In order for the whole to look back on its whole self, it has to fractalize itself. The whole can at will, look at each fractal and can even call back and integrate a fractal back into the whole. The fractal contains a portion of the whole information, but only up until the fractalization takes place, then it becomes its own vibrational code of information. This fractalization allows access to new view points, and also access to new ways of being.

A fractal contains holographic views, or interpretations of the whole. The whole in this case being your Soul self. You, being a fractal of Source/The grand creator/ God/Goddess. Each fractal looks back at the whole, to get a new perspective, or a new geometric structure view point or code.

The Human brain cells connect with the Universe through energy, vibration and frequency. Complex networks of information at a cellular and Quantum Level.

To do what you ask, in return asks of you, to leave the realms of the physical, and boundaries of the mental plane, and to travel beyond the physical. Travelling outside of, or without the boundaries of time. Travelling outside of time, to travel through and into infinite possibilities (space), (consciousness in its entirety), (God/Goddess/Creator frequency/code) to arrive at a desired destination of possibility/energy/frequency/code/vibrational sequence. You must become limitless, boundless, and go beyond the limits of mind, and the physical body, remembering you are so much more outside the physical realm.

What you ask, is commonly known as Quantum jumping, or Quantum leaping. Within the Quantum field is microwaves of information about all choice points made, Quantum energetic patterns. Patterns being full of information. Spectrums of light also bursting full of information.

In order to Quantum leap, or jump, you must use intentional direction. Can you find the exact choice point that lead to where you are now? Can you find the alternative reality you wish to move into? Can you start interacting with the desired environment, through travelling deeper into your own consciousness?

When we interact with the environment in such a way as this, it causes a state of transition. It causes the Quantum leap, or Quantum Jump to happen. Energetically pulling the timeline towards you, by connecting with your desired outcome, in each new now moment of your current existence. Travelling on energy waves, moving information via energy waves, to create a change. Travelling on energy waves to access new viewpoints. Energy waves create webs of information, and each energy wave of information interacts, or communicates within this web.

This is a multi-vibrational mode of travel, or communication. Light can equate to travel; information can travel via light.

It is possible to travel to a parallel reality, the past, or the future and visit a different version of yourself but this also has consequences and effects on everything. Especially if you were to meet or interact with them. Watch Back to the Future films for further information and a deeper dive into this.

You are basically asking to travel or transition between states, being states of energy, consciousness or well-being, and yes this is possible. Using intentional travel and awareness.

When a Quantum leap, or jump happens, you will experience changes far beyond your intention also. This is due to the Law of cause and effect. When something is taken away, to balance, something else must be added. When something is added, to balance it out, something else must be taken away. This can be extreme or subtle. Any change made causes a ripple effect that creates changes beyond your control.

If it is not for you to experience a certain outcome for the greatest good of all, then every single timeline will shift to stay in balance with Universal Laws. If it is your destiny to experience a certain outcome for the greatest good of all, then again every single timeline you move onto, will shift to make sure you experience it, in one form or another. Please read or watch "The Time Travellers Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger to go a bit deeper into this.

In order to create a new reality for yourself, it is important to collapse the old state (old reality) and expand the desired state (new reality) through intentional travel. Like a balloon, we let the air out of the old one and focus on blowing up the new one!

If the focus was on creating Peace on Earth, as many Humans would like to see. Then each person with that desire of Peace on Earth, would need to focus on Peace within their own energy field. Also, in order to Quantum Jump to a more peaceful reality of Earth, they would have to intentionally live from a place of Peace. Ignoring all signs around them currently of any contradiction, and form resonance energetically with Peace. To form resonance with a parallel reality that already had achieved Peace on Earth as their current reality. Putting focus on all they see, hear, touch, taste, smell, to strengthen the belief and reality that Peace exists, is possible, and achievable within and outside of self. Meaning to focus on the microwaves of information that contain Peace, and pull them towards you as you interact on a like attracts like basis, with your desired outcome.

Your path is protected and lit always by the pure light of truth and righteousness

I stand with you always

As an Ambassador for Divine Love, Truth, Empowerment and Great Expansion

Archangel Metatron

Thank you nekeloveandme for allowing this channelled data light wave transmission to be made public.

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Wishing you a beautiful day

Sending you all my Love

Nayalla 🌻

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