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Collective Energy Reading For 2023

Hi Beautiful Souls,

Warriors of Light,


Earth Angels,

and Heart centred beings of Earth

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023!🥳

We are entering a year ruled by the energetics of the number 7, a number associated with intellect , the mental plane, intuitive input, and wisdom. Yet 7 teaches us in order to fully grasp the wisdom, knowledge and inner workings of our humanness, we must first drop into our heart. Then and only then can we properly interpretate the psychic and intuitive messages, words and images correctly.

Negative traits associated with 7 include inflexibility, lack of motivation and taking initiative, perfectionism, irritability, isolation and being easily distracted.

The major energy themes I picked up from the number 7 energetic of this year are unconditional love, compassion, higher spiritual education, exploring human consciousness and breaking the illusion of control programming.

Other big themes I picked up coming in for this year include Mental transformation, Mind made projected reality transforming into heart-based higher dimensional living, saving humanity and the saviour programming, Abandonment, lack of empathy versus empathy fatigue, The Quantum mirror effect, and exposing the flawed human within us all with compassion.

I have split the year into quarters and will speak about each of the themes I feel show up the strongest within each quarter, yet please know the themes will flow throughout the whole year also.

The first quarter being January , February and March has the main theme of Unconditional love. This offers us the ideal space to sit with and question what is unconditional love to us? We are guided to go beyond the words, to go beyond human limitations and feel into the energy to explore this fully.

Can you imagine being 100% backed and supported by those who see you fully? To be seen for who you truly are, the light, the shadow and the darkness, and still loved unconditionally? Being loved for who you are no matter what? Knowing that you are worthy of love always. And as you realise this is how the Universe loves us, so we must learn to love ourselves in such a way. Then we can learn to love others in such a way also.

This is not giving permission for others to treat us badly in the name of love, but to be open to inner-standing about the learning process. To be open to acknowledge we are all learning, we are all here on Earth at this time to learn more about unconditional love as a human at this time, and as a soul having a human experience. Sometimes while others are still learning, it is often necessary to give them space to do so. Then once the lesson has been fully integrated we can re-join them in a healthy way and space.

Giving unconditional love may come easier to some than others, yet we all must learn to give and receive in equal measure in order to maintain natural balance. Spiritual lessons are in both the giving and receiving.

We are living on a plane of existence that pulses out of its very core unconditional love. Mother Earth is guiding us every single day, showing us what it is to live at this frequency. The Universe also holds the frequency of unconditional love for self and for All. Unconditional love is the Souls default frequency , it is our true natural state, yet often the human part of us rejects this as our truth, and we close off to the codes. Until we heal our relationship with unconditional love we remain blocked in our spiritual evolution and cant reach higher levels of consciousness, waiting patiently for us.

Keen to help us work through this would be the Arcturus energy. Powerful energy healers can only do such powerful work through holding firm the energy of unconditional love. By connecting to Arcturus energy we may find it easier to then connect to unconditional love. Then we can embody this frequency and live from a more balanced place moving forward. If we lack unconditional love for self and/ or others this is the perfect time to take steps to correct this. The Arcturian energies can assist us in working with unconditional love if this is new for us, or unfamiliar.

This part of the year is also an important time to focus on our lack of empathy or perhaps our empathy fatigue that has been going on. Lets first explore what empathy truly is. Empathy is the ability to share, and really inner-stand feelings with another. To understand why another person is feeling a certain way. We need to have compassion for them. To hold space in a non-judgmental way, and to also respond appropriately to their words and actions. Empathy is about being aware, being sensitive to, and being able to share thoughts and feelings freely with another.

Empathy fatigue , also known as compassion fatigue, on the other hand is where we can no longer offer support for others due to long periods of holding space for them. Long periods of caring for others can expose us to trauma and large amounts of stress. Signs of empathy fatigue include feeling numb or disconnected, feeling overwhelmed, obsessive thoughts about those suffering in the World or your community, self-blame and feeling unable to respond appropriately to what is happening around you. There are also some physical symptoms to watch out for too, these include feeling exhausted, headaches, stomach upsets or nausea, and changes in apatite to name a few.

Empathy fatigue is sometimes referred to as " the cost of care", this is because it comes off the back of the stress of helping others day in, day out , witnessing or helping others through hardship, and sometimes horrible and awful things. Because we are seeing more things of this nature flash up on mainstream media, more people are being impacted. Empathy fatigue was once only seen in caring professions such as nursing, yet now it is being seen to be more widespread in sensitive individuals in other work places too. If you recognise that you are experiencing empathy fatigue it is super important to address it appropriately straight away, as if not done so it can progress into depression, and can effect the physical body too. Find healthy ways to be there for others while protecting yourself from energies that can be harmful to your overall well-being. Balance is key in all we do to remain healthy and strong.

With these themes showing up so strongly for the first half it is important we become aware of how we are showing up for ourselves and others. To question ourselves about if it is healthy or unhealthy? Where we can become more in-tune with ourselves and others? Where we can rebalance? Do we need more time for ourselves or do we need to reconnect with humanity again in some way? Have we closed up our heart space, or have we been over giving at the cost of our own health?

The second quarter being April, May and June puts focus on the Mental plane and mental transformation. This is a perfect space to explore where we are getting in our own way and hindering our own progression by holding onto thoughts, beliefs and ideas that no longer serve us. As we grow and develop we too must expand and develop our thoughts, beliefs and ideas about ourselves. Mental attachments are almost always behind the confusion, conflict and distress we feel. Mind made obstacles can leave us feeling trapped and stuck yet once we are aware that they are mind-made we can make the mind create more enriching creations for us to experience. It's now time to get completely honest about all our limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits.

Limiting thoughts and beliefs stunt spiritual growth if not addressed and worked through. When we change what we think we shift how we see everything within us and around us. Change is not to be feared in fact the mental transformations open to us at this time will bring forth both liberation and freedom, if we let expansion take place.

Just as individual positive transformation is important to our personal experience, it also plays a vital part in the positive transformation of the human collective. We are in the process of a huge shift in consciousness as a collective right now. Together we are becoming more aware of our limited holographic flat plane/ 3D World point of view. This being all thoughts and beliefs connected to black and white thinking, duality, and an unhealthy ego mind projected reality. Due to this awareness we are then able to make the shift from limitation to infinite possibilities. Moving into heart-based higher dimensional living, multidimensional integration, and in turn multidimensional view points.

As this transformation takes place we will be shown a reflection of our own state of consciousness through the World in which we live. We can not heal or acknowledge what we are not aware of. All we are currently being shown is to assist in our own evolution and our human collective evolution too. All we are at a quantum level is a result of what we have thought. Our subconscious mind is reflected back to us through the outer happenings of life. Inner shifts are seen within outer transformations. What we feel in the now moment, is what we experience and see in the outer World. This in simple terms is the "Quantum Mirror Effect".

This is all happening in order to challenge our present sense of self, in order to discover our truth. We will be shown that beyond limited mental constructs and a 3D reality, awaits alternative realities , infinite possibilities, and alternative options. Transformation opens up a portal to multiversal view points.

An alternative view point can mess us up in the most beautiful of ways as we are pulled back together, leading us into an upgraded or higher, consciousness. This energetic progression bridges the gap between the physical and the metaphysical. Once we allow the current reality to show to us what we need to heal through a feed back system, we can shift accordingly. So if we were to seek outside validation instead of filling ourselves up with healthy self-importance, unconditional love and self-validation, we will see that reflected in the type of people and experiences we pull towards us. Our outer reality will show us our inner judgements and limiting beliefs.

For the third quarter that is July, August, September we are asked to explore and address humanities saviour programming, Higher spiritual education, explore where we might be disconnected from our Divine Souls presence, and exposing the flawed human within us all.

It is so important for humanity to acknowledge where we have given our power away to the idea a saviour will come and save us all from ourselves. As well as to acknowledge where we feel the need to be the saviour for others and deny them the right to help themselves and become enlightened, healed and empowered beings in their own right. We all play an important role in the transformation of humanity and our life experience as a collective on Earth at this time, and the future that's ever unfolding. Remember the Universe works through us for the benefit of all if we let it happen. We don't need to force anything, as it happens naturally and organically, as we step into our own power and become living examples of the changes we wish to see more of.

Are you waiting to be saved? Or are you attempting to fix others or give unsolicited advice? It's now so important to put the focus on our own evolution, and from this place we will see the most fantastic ripple effect go out and touch the lives of many. Effortless cause and effect that creates profound and long lasting positive change for all.

We must learn how to trust the Divine plan for humanity. We are here to grow, evolve, transcend and transform. The Universe and Mother Earth are assisting and supporting us ,as are the many life forms, star beings and our spiritual team and individual guides. We are at a vital point where we have to let go the need to control the outcome, and let the Universe work through us and co-create with us. Humanity is being asked to reset back to the Divine pulse and feel into the life force energy , consciousness and divine magic. Go in and study the divine spark within and watch how the Universe not only works through you, but heals through you, and produces synchronicity through your being too.

A huge part of bringing in more compassion for self and others is to recognise that we are all flawed humans. Absolutely we are Souls having a human experience, absolutely we are multidimensional and made of star dust, yet its important to also appreciate we are experiencing life as a human and currently Earth humans are perfectly imperfect and wonderfully flawed. It is only the unhealthy ego mind that has an issue with this truth. As the unhealthy ego creates pain by pushing perfection onto us at every turn as the only way to be, live and express. Yet the Soul self is full of love and compassion and can see clearly that life experiences on Earth have shaped us into who we show up to be right now. In a World that is only too happy to airbrush out any imperfections, it is a courageous, and possibly even seen as a rebellious act to embrace imperfections, flaws and weaknesses, and to see beauty where others see ugliness. It is only when we have such courage we can fully accept ourselves and others as they truly are and not accept them only through projections, and mind made images of who we think they are or could/should be. Unconditional love can be found from this place and this honesty is reflected back to us through nature every single day. Look at the leaves on a tree, or the petals on a flower and see how beautiful imperfection really is.

Higher Spiritual education will be offered to those ready to take the leap from head lead logic, to heart-mind-gut lead learning. Other peoples wisdom and knowledge can be helpful yet what the Divine spirit is asking of us at this time is to go within, to learn more about ourselves, life and all that is. The more we go in, the deeper we will inner-stand the complexities of this life. Expansion of our mind can only happen when we move from using just the mind alone, and embrace all aspects of intelligence and consciousness. It is one thing to know it on an intellectual level and an entirely different experience when we get it on every level, and can fully integrate the learning into our beings and lives.

The final quarter being October, November and December invites us to step away, for a time, from the busy and chaotic energies we may have found ourselves in, and to go in to explore some of the more deeper questions. Some themes I strongly pick up for this period are Abandonment, Healing misunderstandings of dark energy, and Breaking the addiction of needing to be under some form of control, and also the question what is true freedom? We are reminded during this time that it is our limiting beliefs that are preventing us from experiencing both independence and freedom.

We are all being asked to make the changes and adjustments needed so as to stay in full alignment with our personal authentic truth. Any fears, or if we let the opinions of others influence us, will knock us off our true path, so we need to stay aware of this during this quarter.

Deep healing is offered to humanity as we move from 2023 and go into early 2024. We are being reminded of our place in the Universe and also that we do have a place. All beings of creation experience wounding from the original separation. That time when we left Source and began to experience more as an independent entity. The innate knowing we are in separation from something much bigger than ourselves, is the very thing that drives us to experience wholeness, and to reintegrate once again into oneness.

Any feelings of loneliness, disconnectedness, guilt, low self-esteem, low self-worth and low self-value, anger, sadness, and self-pity can all be traced back to abandonment. It might be due to experiencing a form of abandonment in this lifetime or a past life experience yet the collective wounding is also carried by us all and runs as deep as it gets. To heal this will set us free from a huge burden and elevate us through acknowledgement of a truth that will set us free. We are never alone.

At this point in the timestream it is obviously clear the theme of control is a huge part of humanities collective story. It is also the healing of control that will be the heroes journey humanity goes on to rediscover our true power. We have already started this heroes journey and more are joining every single day. Yet we have to break the addiction of needing to be under control to really break free once and for all! It has been part of our story for so long we have become dependant on it. As a collective we feel lost, afraid, uncertain and confused when faced with a future that does not include being controlled or being controlling. This is closely linked to not trusting or having faith in ourselves individually and collectively. And also not fully trusting in the Divine power or the Universe.

It is through this huge awakening that we can be free, if we choose it, and be brave enough to step fully into it. That will transform how we view darkness. Darkness is not to be feared. From darkness light is birthed. Many people fear darkness for many different reasons. Turn the lights off at night and everything that was once friendly and inviting, becomes uninviting and confusing. We have to use our sense of touch and feel around instead of having a clear vision. We interpretate things differently. Our ego fears what it doesn't fully understand.

What if we stopped fearing darkness and actually start to see it for it really is. What if we choose to feel into it and learn through it. We can keep flip flopping from light to dark, good to bad, right and wrong, due to being stuck in duality. Or we can accept both parts as the Whole and prevent the pendulum from swinging out so far again as a result. Extremes will happen less and less if we move into a more "Wholesome" way of being and living.

Put anyone onto a pedestal and they will let you down every single time. Why? Because you are not seeing them as they truly are, you are seeing them as an image that you made in your mind of them. You are not allowing yourself to see them as much a flawed human as yourself. Just as flawed and perfectly imperfect as you are. Wisdom is cultivated from living fully, from making mistakes, getting it wrong, taking wrong turns then learning from it. Many Souls who were once lost in the "darkness" have become the best teachers because they have lived through the contrast and came out the other side forever changed and birthed a new. They learnt many valuable lessons from it that are just as valuable as teachings for others as they were for them.

I personally feel we have organic light and dark, and then a more artificial type of light and dark that I have spoke and written about in the past more than once. The more we feel into the darkness the more we will know what is true organic darkness that can be used to help us grow, like the darkness found in the womb. And we will also feel what is artificial darkness that is damaging to us. What I class as connected to the energetic virus, that I have spoken about in the past too. If we don't feel into the darkness and know its truths we will always be tripped up by the false light that is also all around us at this time. When "bad" things happen we blame the dark forces at play, and "good" things belong to the light forces. Yet this way of thinking is forever going to give power away to outside forces.

You have everything within you, and within that everything is the power to create change for the better. We have to take responsibility as a collective and as individuals. We have been asleep and unconscious for a long time. We let things slide. We allowed certain things to take place because of the choices we made, both unconsciously (asleep) and consciously (awake). Yet as awakening beings, as beings becoming more conscious and more aware, we have the power to turn things around. We can make better choices for ourselves that positively impact the All.

Once we begin to understand pure dark energy and dark matter, we will truly be fully integrated and empowered beings.

Let me share a poem of mine with you, that I feel fits this part of the energy reading perfectly to highlight this.

Clearing stagnant energies

To experience pure celestial synergies

Physical and nonphysical realities

Infinite possibilities

Growing into Universal truth

Ancient wisdom held safe within the youth

Homo Luminescence

Divine quintessence

Photonic beings of light

A magnificent sight

We are being asked to move into a more independent and sovereign way of being and living. We can not do that while still being governed by outside forces, or allowing ourselves to be controlled by others and giving our power away to fears, and beliefs or judgements of others.

We may have gone through hardship ,difficulties ,losses ,upset, illness, turbulence, uncertainty and harsh energy including perhaps conflict, as a collective over the past few years, yet we have the power ,strength and know how to get back up, turn it around and, keep going towards what really matters.

Stay in your hearts beautiful ones and know whatever we face, it is for us to grow and discover our truth. It's all happening for us ,we are not victims, we are powerful creator beings full of Divine light and wisdom.

Gorgeous Star-seeds,

Those of you who feel like you do not belong

here on Earth at this time

you will be shown

that you hold within you

the exact codes needed

for these exact times!

Deep breath

Reconnect with your inner strength

Embrace your Uniqueness

You got this

Shine Bright

Walk confidently onwards and know you are not and will never be alone ,your spiritual team are with you always!


for Ultimate Evolution

as a Conscious Collective

ready for profound change

& mature enough

to confront

rather than avoid

mind made illusions & fears!

2023 promises to guide humanity into a better awareness of all things that hinder us from experiencing and giving love unconditionally, living more harmoniously and to move us into a more independent and sovereign way of being and living.

If you want a more personal look into 2023 or would like an energy reading then you can book that with me by emailing


via Etsy

And so there we have it!

I wish you all the very best for the year of 2023!

Happy New Year

Sending you all so much love

Nayalla xxx

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