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The "Unsubstantial" Living Epidemic

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi Beautiful you,

Right now it is more obvious than ever before so many are living a life that they see and believe is lacking. For me I see many living a life that is lacking strength or solidity in fulfilment and genuine happiness and it is this that then leads to suffering.

Due to the fact many of us are taught its wrong to fill ourselves up with self importance ,we then allow so much to take over our actually real needs. Societal needs take over and we then are in a constant inner battle with what is right for us and what others tell us is right for us.

The feeling of lack comes from a deep rooted feeling that we are lacking in some way and not enough to be just ourselves. Self importance is healthy yet not to be confused with ego driven self importance. When we are in a healthy place of self importance we know we are connected to all that is yet can still stand tall and hold our own in the world too, our cup is full and we work to maintain this and protect our own energy. It is maintaining balance and being able to show up and serve from a healthy and balanced place.

Standing alone as a whole complete being is more than enough yet we are sold this story that we need to keep searching for that one thing or person to complete us or make us whole ,therefore leaving us always in this state of lack and seeking. What seems to be missing in all this is our true core personal strong foundations. With no strong roots to keep us firmly anchored into our own raw consciousness its then easy to fall pray to outside manipulation.

Humanity seems to have lost touch with the true meaning of life itself. And this has then led to many seeking in others what they feel is missing within themselves. In turn this leads to toxic situations ,interactions and relationships. We all need to come back inwardly and connect with the fact we already have everything we need within us and we will always be left unsatisfied by seeking outside of us.

To spend time working on filling our own cup up will leave us in a much better place and allow for healthier relationships with ourselves and with others too.

The thing is, so many of us have been living with unconscious programming running and this then influences the choices we make and the way relationships play out in our life. Programs that start an inner clock ticking down leads to fears, worry and anxieties and general fatigue due to the wearing down daily on our well-being. Programs such as the need to be married or married by a certain age, to have children, have a house or a certain type of house ,be a home owner, have a 9-5 job etc. etc. When we find ourselves without these things we can start to feel like a failure or not enough or that we are doing something wrong, "doing life wrong! "This is simply not the case though and not true and when we can step out of all the programs and find our core essence and truth we realise on a soul level we actually need something much more substantial to feel and live a fulfilled life ,that being the connection to ourselves at a core level.

When we let go of all of life's distractions to who we really are and how we really feel everything starts to make more sense. Owning it all will heal it all and set us free! Rather than making choices from a place of fear, haste or desperation we start to make choices from a calm and heart logic based place and make choices and decisions that are right for us, not right for what society says is right for us.

This then allows us to move into healthy and conscious relationships, better family connections or the ability to know when to step away from toxic family dynamics. Healthier and deeper friendships and also more conscious and healthier parent child relationships too. So not to repeat past mistakes or pass programs onto our children. Or the children start to become aware enough not to take on the ancestral baggage hand me downs and break out of unhealthy patterns of the family.

In order for this to take place it means we all individually have to take full responsibility for our own issues, for our own responses and our own actions. To be responsible for ourselves in every way we have to move into a place of becoming completely aware of our own individual old toxic programs running and take action to resolve that. Also to become more conscious of how past traumas are impacting our every day and also any unresolved hurts and how they are all effecting our life now.

So how do we do this? Well to start with we need to move out of the head space and move more into our body and heart space. To not be so influenced and controlled by the outside and listen to our inner voice to guide us to a more fulfilled life. This will take us to our true happiness and what lights us up from within.

Do more of what fills you up with raw life force energy. Tap into your own joy and this will raise your vibration and make you more aware that you are already complete. Before going after something dig deep into the why. Why are you doing it, what is driving it and motivating you to go for this thing. Pure intentions will lead to fulfilment, ego driven desires or doing it because you feel backed into a corner or because you feel its what's expected ,will leave you feeling unfulfilled and lost in the long run!

Its important to ask yourself ,why do I feel the need to have that something in my life? Is it my genuine desire or a program sending me into an ego trip of outside seeking. You know deep down if its the latter it will ultimately leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled and more likely than not straight to the next seeking ego trip.

Its important to find someone to make you happy. Be that someone that makes you happy firstly! Have an intimate relationship with you and that way you can have more honest and fulfilling relationships with others too and be able to openly and honestly state what works for you and what doesn't. Aim to enjoy what you have in your life now and in any given moment remind yourself of what you can be thankful and grateful for. You don't need an other to be able to tap into this.

Be thankful for what you have in your life now!

Appreciate what you have in your life Now!

Live your life to the fullest Now!

Don't wait for this ,that or the other to happen! To be , or at least take steps to move into becoming your best self now, will attract to you everything that is in full alignment to your best life. You will only ever keep levelling up as you continue to work on growth and evolve on a personal level.

Focus on you and on taking responsibilty for your own life and the rest will naturally fall into place.

True fulfilment and happiness always comes from a place within not found from a place outside of you. And once you find true happiness and fulfilment it is always accessible and available to you at all times ,even in those times we forget this is true too!

I believe moving into spiritually substantial living is a personal journey of self exploration and the discovery of what works for you. Embracing your authentic self and then living your life in an authentic way. I was asked recently to share what I thought about others seeking in others what they feel is missing within themselves and I believe it is due to this programming making us feel we are not complete or whole( truth is we are just that in this very moment). This then results in people ending up in toxic romantic relationships or staying in situations and relationships including romantic for far too long! Or even becoming fixated or obsessed about another. If we all started relationships from a place of being conscious and ready to take responsibility for our own stuff we would not only have healthier relationships ,we would not create the same toxic situations, because we would not be trying to complete ourselves with something else or with another.

So love you fully and do what feels right for you, tune into your heart and you at a core level and take action from there with confidence.

You are enough!

You are already whole and complete!

You deserve a life of fulfilment and happiness and its important to strive for your version of that not the cookie cutter standard version!

I send you all my love

and wish you all the very best always

Nayalla xxx

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