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Accessing Your Personal Blueprint to Success via Your Higher self

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Personal Success, and the idea of success, looks very different to each different individual. Success to you, will look very different to say your Mums or Dads, to your best friends, your neighbour or perhaps a young child.

For one person, success might be going to bed at a decent time and waking up early for a week straight. It might look like kicking an addiction and living a more healthy and productive life. It might be getting that project up and running, or living off grid and in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. And even if you do share an idea of success with another, your path to that success will look very different to that other persons.

So, the blueprint to that success is going to look very different. It will be personal to you. There are so many formula's around promising of success and greatness, that can leave one feeling lost, confused and often pretty disappointed. This is because the formula is usually not universal, it is not made with everyone in mind. Most are for a niche group. It is not a personalised formula based on your needs, understanding, inner-standing and life experience.

We need to factor in backgrounds, programming, lifestyles, levels of consciousness, and personal and soul needs for growth and evolution. And the part of us that has all that information, and the blueprint to our own personal success, in anything and all we do, is our higher-self. Even if the latest formula out there ticks most of the boxes for you, it won’t tick them all. Yet a formula for success formed by your higher-self, will tick all the boxes, all of the time.

I will not make any promise to give you a winning recipe to success. Yet I will help you to reconnect with the parts of yourself that have all you need to know, to hit the highs that you wish to reach.

Society and fancy marketing tricks have conditioned us all to seek the answers outside of us. To believe a middle means is needed, to get us where we would like to be. Yet this simply is not the truth. All you seek is found within. Don’t get me wrong, others can help to sign post us in the correct direction for us, but they don’t hold all of our answers. Ourselves, and only ourselves, hold, and have access to all we wish to learn, and discover about ourselves.

The best way to access our own personal blueprint to success is to reconnect / connect with our higher-self. Once we have a good connection/relationship with our higher self we also have access to our own winning formula to success.

The easiest way to connect with our higher-self is to ask questions directed to our higher-self. The way to get accurate answers and information is to keep our ego out of the way during this exercise, or self-enquiry time. We need to give ourselves the space and time to develop our connection to our higher-self and to trust the information that is received.

This connection may be developed very quickly or it might take some time, there is no rule for how long or short this process will take. There is no right or wrong time frame. You just need to practice and take the time to build up the “muscle” so to speak. The deeper or clearer connection you have with your higher-self, the deeper you can go with questioning, as you will intuitively know the answers as your truth, or if the ego has got in the way of the connection.

Once the connection has been developed you can then ask the higher self of you, to road map the best way for you to achieve what it is you want to achieve.

Usually, the thing that trips us up when manifesting success, is the belief we are in some kind of lack. We doubt we have what it takes. Yet our higher-self knows us only as complete, whole, able and capable. We can use this knowledge as a gage to how close we are to our Soul truth, or if we are operating from the ego mind.

We can then take time to ask our higher self “What do I feel I am lacking in this moment?”

“How can I feel enough again?” or “feel enough-ness about this?”

“What CAN I do about this? “

“How can I help myself out of lack and into a more abundant way of thinking?”

We are limitless beings full of unlimited potential. Certain ways of thinking have us believing limited stories. Limited ways of thinking keep us stuck and keep us playing small. We start believing stories about not being enough, and that we are not able, or capable. Our higher self will guide us out of these ways of thinking and believing, and into a higher way of seeing ourselves, and thinking about ourselves.

Be ok to get raw real and naked in your vulnerability with your higher self. Share your fears, and desires with your higher self.

I wish you all the success in the Universe

Sending so much love your way

Nayalla 🌻

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