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Being Present With Our Pain

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Hi Beautiful Hearts,

As I have moved through my own personal journey of healing it has become ever more apparent that being present with the pain, and daring to go into the pain, creates profound shifts of energy and consciousness.

I recognise that each time I am triggered emotionally by something happening outside of me, it is a great opportunity to learn more about myself through deep diving into the trigger. I realise this method done alone is not ideal for everyone, and many need assistance with this. I feel it is part of my soul calling to try things out on myself so I can better assist others on their healing journey.

The last time I was emotionally triggered, I was intuitively guided to try a different approach to my usual healing process. I decided to allow all my thoughts and feelings to pour out onto a clean page of a notebook via a pen. It was easy to see certain words really jump out at me, wanting to be acknowledged. This can only be done well once we are clear of all judgement and open to observe through the heart space of pure consciousness.

It was clear my trigger was from unhealed wounding connected to my inner child. I acknowledged the words that jumped out at me were all the things my inner child needed in that moment, and didn't feel they got during past experiences , that shaped a painful core belief that no longer served me.

I went into a visualisation and asked my inner child to show me a time they needed emotional support but didn't get it. Where they needed the things from my notebook but didn't get them. Then while crying through the pain of such a picture and emotional charge of the raw past memory, gave my inner child all the things she craved to receive.

I then called in my future self to give my present self all the things I needed in that moment. Although it felt good to fill myself up with such nourishment, I knew there was more to this. More to learn, more to heal, more to transmute.

I had a conversation with a very close friend, and again remained present with my pain, and observed my dialogue as it poured out. I gave myself permission to be authentic ,raw and real. This has been a journey too for me, as a person more on the support side of things, to be open to receive support doesn't come easy to me. This beautiful soul held space for me as I opened up and emptied out all that was bothering me. I shared with them what had triggered me and all it was uncovering and bringing to the surface.

The conversation helped me to further realise the very root of my pain. I then went on to clear the painful charge from my body and energy and replant some more supportive words and ideas into my mind.

I stood on the Earth and allowed myself to cry it all out! I allowed myself to feel every part of the pain as it drained out of my energy and body and back into the Earth to be transmuted into higher consciousness. It then came back to me as realisation and profound insight!

Earth was helping me to change the painful charge of knowing I deserve to receive more, into being open to receive more and ready to receive more. The pain was from not getting my needs met for most of my life. Now I'm ready to be open to getting all of my needs met! I will no longer settle for less than what I truly deserve.

It was painful being in the idea and story of lack. I could feel myself closing down. I was having an internal battle with my introverted self ,I now see as my inner child, and the part of me that knows I deserve more and to keep going. I had to find a way to make this work for all aspects of myself. My scared inner child decided in the past ,the best way to stay safe was to hide and be introverted, and keep it all close to my chest. To store pain in my heart until it burned and my energy felt heavy and over burdened.

I would then in the past either self-destruct ,go through toxic behaviours ,self sabotage, go through self harming behaviours or feel paralysed by confusion and fear. I would have panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Make irrational and on a whim decisions. Get migraines and my health would deteriorate on all levels.

My current self has learnt better ways and methods to deal with such things yet that old pattern still at times resurfaces to check my consciousness and awareness.

It now presented itself as two dominant energies trying to tear away from each other. This was pain on so many levels yet basically boiled down to the idea of being in lack and past energy fighting with what wanted to come in. When I opened up to receiving more and being ready to receive more the charge melted away and and all aspects of self reintegrated back into wholeness.

As the last warm salt filled tears rolled from my reddened eyes and down my cheeks, I breathed into this new frequency. I breathed into my regained wholeness and balance. I breathed into my new awareness and new found wisdom.

I did some EFT Tapping to re-enforce that I am open to receive more and I deserve to receive more, and allowed this to fill my whole being.

This is levelling up! This is transmutation. This is alchemy. This is healing. This is growth. Its not pretty to go through but the end results are always something amazing!

Please don't run from your pain or your dark thoughts. Be present with it all. Feel it all. Don't be afraid to reach out and share what you are going through with another person, someone you trust and wont judge you. If you don't have a person like that in your life right now then please reach out to me. Message me or email me and I will help you in anyway I possibly can.

Fear not your pain

Let Faith guide you through

And Love lead the way

You have all you need within you to grow from your darkest moments, and to move into transformation. And when you do, you will be gifted with your greatest nuggets of wisdom.

Don't give up on yourself!

I believe in you🌻

Be well Beautiful Soul

Lots of Love

Nayalla xxx

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