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Learning to Trust in Yourself More

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Hi beautiful hearts,

I have learnt on my own journey through a series of dips in confidence that trust issues have come hand in hand with that. When we are in a place of over thinking and second guessing, dealing with anxiety and generally being very stuck in our heads we stop trusting in what we feel and also stop trusting in our own abilities.

Trust is basically the firm belief in the reliability, trust or ability of someone or something. So once we fully understand what trust is ,it makes complete sense that a knock in confidence would be closely linked to our ability to trust. Our confidence in us and also our confidence in others and life too is effected by our lack of trust.

There are many reasons why we develop trust issues, low self-esteem played a large part for me. It gave way to me giving my power away many times because I had a belief that others knew better than me. Anyone who has experienced being bullied or some type of abuse ,fallen victim in some way, been in a bad relationship, had very over bearing parents or caregivers, or slipped into a people pleaser role, will have or have had a time of finding it hard to trust themselves and others.

The more we can move out of our heads and get into the habit of tuning into the body and dropping into the heart the more we can pick up on our own gut feelings and intuition. Perhaps keep a note of any feelings you have and keep track of your own intuition while you are building up confidence in this area again. The more you have on record showing you that you can trust what you feel the more you will believe in yourself. Be sure not to be disheartened or beat yourself up when you get it wrong though as mistakes happen as we learn and that's ok.

When we feel we have been let down by others we begin to start to loose trust in ourselves to trust the right people and start to often close down or distance ourselves from all people to try and protect ourselves from hurt. When we start to trust in our own feelings more we can overcome this as we will have confidence in our ability to make the right choices for us. We will also let our guard down more and let people back in to our lives knowing they are the ones best aligned to us at that time.

As we heal from trust issues its important to forgive not only ourselves but anyone else who has played a part in that trust issue. Forgiveness is a great healer and allows us to move forward into a healthier space. Just being open to the possibility at some point forgiving ourselves or others actually shifts a great deal energy wise, if we cant fully bring ourselves to fully commit to forgive straight away.

Its also important to let go of any guilt, shame ,disappointment's, fears and unwillingness or inability to trust in order to move forward. The more we are willing to change our story around our trust issue story, the more we can grow and move our life on in a positive way. Building a stronger relationship with our own self and inner guidance will in turn build stronger relationships with others too.

The more you trust in you and everything that is you the more you will trust in the process of life, the Universe and others too. What is held within is reflected outwardly so if we don't fully trust ourselves then we will see aspects of that mistrust in others too. Stand tall in who you are ,in what you feel to be right for you and your amazing abilities and gifts too.

Trust yourself enough to listen to your own heart and trust that every experience you have had so far has benefited you in many ways including coming to the realisation that work is needed in the trust area of your life.

Listen to that inner guidance, it is safe to feel what you feel,the more you trust in you the more you will know what and who else to trust in too!

I share an EFT Tapping round for trust in the video below to help shift the energy around this. If you feel you would benefit from one to one work on trust please get in touch with me if you wish to work with me on this.

I wish you all the very best with this

Sending you all my love

Nayalla xxx

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