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It's Your Way That Counts

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi Beautiful Hearts,

There is something going on in society that really gets to me...its because of this that my passion is so strong to make a difference in this world.

I could get angry with the unjust things going on in this world or I can turn anger to passion and take action and take steps to make a change. This is what I decided to do when I made the choice to become a Coach and share more of my story with others with the hope to inspire others to make a change too. There is no better time than now!

So many beautiful ,gifted and talented souls are walking around on autopilot and like robots because they have shut themselves down to fit into a tiny box that gives them little space to breath never mind live as their true selves.

Much of the depression and anxiety many of us are dealing with is actually due to us feeling almost forced into living a life that is just not right for us. We are working jobs that bring no satisfaction, feeling like a small part of us dies a little more each day we go. We feel like because of outside pressures we can not be true to ourselves and thats why we feel so unhappy. The hearts calling is silenced, our true reason for being here is locked away and we shut down our core beliefs and truths.

Many of us are in an environment that has not allowed us to be free to act on our inspiration without the feeling we have others breathing down are necks every inch of the way putting pressure on us to go in a different direction. We all have dreams, we all have a higher calling, missions crying out to be fulfilled yet many of us keep them locked away and left gathering dust.

This really bothers me ,to see so much potential ,so many gifted beautiful souls walking around in so much pain each day. I love being able to help others, to be in a position where I can remind others of who they really are, to remind them of their gifts,and strengths and give them the tools to gain enough confidence to break the mould and follow their passions.

A few weeks ago while out in town, I came across a man who had in front of him some old empty paint pots and tubs of various sizes. Two drum sticks in hand, he was giving everything he had to creating some amazing beats. He has a gift, he has talent and he is listening to his heart and following his calling. He might not have the "right" drum kit right now yet he has all he needs to share his gift with the world each day! He enjoys what he does, he has a reason to get out of bed each day he has a reason to be happy and his heart is singing and this attracts abundance of all kinds to him, including perhaps get the drum kit of his dreams.

You see all that really matters is that you are enjoying what you do and sharing your natural gifts with the world. That you have the confidence to do life your way and be proud to be you and to shine all that you have the only way you know how. Take back your power today!

Many sensitives are working in very harsh environments working hours that do not give them the time they need to recuperate. This is making many very ill and effecting their mental health.

There are also so many creatives and spiritually gifted people who have so much to offer yet feel guilty to charge their worth. Or dont have the confidence to even share with others their gifts at all.

I hope to see us all one day soon all sharing our gifts with the world. All of us jumping out of bed each day full of life because we are loving what we are doing and excited to start each new day.

Give yourself permission to move towards your dreams right now

Dont hold back

Dont hold yourself back anymore

Get out of your own way and truly thrive

My wish,

to remind you of your true inner power and magic so you can move towards your best life with massive amounts of confidence.

Reach out to me today so we can get you on the right path to your very own personal success

You deserve to be happy and you deserve to do what you love each day and get paid for it too!

Learn to walk your own unique life path with confidence

All my love your way today

Nayalla xxx

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