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EFT Tapping and Anxiety

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi beautiful hearts,

One great tool for emotional healing I found that helped me gain so much confidence, let go of limiting beliefs and live a  healthier and happier life in general due to how I now view myself has been EFT Tapping! I am absolutely loving the fact that now I am able to give back my gratitude of this by showing and introducing others to this great healing tool!

I was inspired to become an EFT Practitioner after having amazing results in my own life after using it! I use this technique daily and also use it to help some of my clients through various issues they go through too! As a natural energy healer I found it is very versitile and I can combine what I do naturally as an intuitive energy healer with the EFT Tapping to get great results!

It can literally be used for anything with amazing results and although I found it a little after my main struggle with anxiety, it works wonders for this particular issue too!

I will be putting all the videos I share on my YouTube channel on here. I also plan to make available some other energy healing tools I use with my clients also so keep tuned for that!  

Whatever it is you are facing right now, why not give this a go instead of perhaps choosing a more damaging or disruptive way to try and handle your feelings and emotions...the beauty of EFT Tapping is you can't get it wrong and the words you choose will alaways work so dont be afraid to use the words you feel are right for you!

I didn't find this tool until the worst part of my anxiety had passed yet I know just how powerful this is to help calm the nervous system down and the mind when we get caught up in anxiety!

Wishing you a happy and peaceful day full of love, laughter and lots of fun! 

Nayalla xxx

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