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Moving Beyond Forgiveness

Updated: May 16, 2022

Hi Beautiful Hearts,

I know the idea of forgiveness can bring all kinds of feelings and emotions up when we are on our healing path. I get it!

I have myself healed from trauma and deep hurts and have worked on getting myself to that place were I was able to forgive myself and others in order to move on with my life. You see, for those who dont know my story ,I was for many years someone stuck in the past and a heavy long cycle of toxic relationships and situations and an over critical mind! As I began to break out of those patterns and cycles and heal on all levels ,I also began to grow and become more aware of how my thinking influenced my experiences. I also developed a deeper connection with my guides who have been teaching me to go beyond forgiveness.

It took me a while to fully grasp this idea and take it on board. In a similar way to the idea of forgiving someone who has deeply hurt you when you are still in that deep hurt. It seemed a very odd idea to go beyond such a big thing as forgiveness. Was it even possible to go beyond it?

So if you are open to the idea of forgiveness to set you free from the past, and even go beyond forgiveness, then let me share with you now what I have learnt. I believe if you are open to the idea, then it just might help you take your healing and conscious expansion to a whole new level.

In the Now moment its important to realise that the very thing you want to be forgiven for or want to forgive another for doesn't exist. You will have to go back into the past to find the energetic imprint of what happened but the actual thing ,the event, has gone! As humans we are so good at doing energetic reruns of the past and in turn causing us so much unnecessary pain as a consequence. Keeping the past alive in the mind and getting caught in a loop of negative energy and thoughts.

Forgiveness is really a permission slip to move your life forward. And then to detach from the story or energetic rerun playing in your mind and keeping you caught in a loop.

The thing is, and what my guides taught me ,and also took a while to grasp as I was so caught up in a guilt trip, there is nothing to forgive. In this Now moment, in this space of the energy of being a pure Divine being, you have nothing to be forgiven for.

We play out roles and stories to learn and evolve from. We were never meant to hold onto these stories or get attached to the roles we play. Certain things in this realm have been set up and designed( I believe by ourselves) to learn, grow and evolve on a soul level. I feel like a kind of simulation, certain situations have been projected out for us, like a learning exercise. I do believe however this simulation was hijacked and things have become a great deal more toxic and dark than first intended. We have been caught up in a loop of lower level energies and had a memory wipe of who we really are and why we are here.

As we break out of the looping and come away from playing roles and getting so attached to stories, things will naturally improve. We will also see life and reality in a new way and in a clearer light.

The more present we are, the more we will realise the past doesn't exist. We are reborn in each new Now moment. A fresh new opportunity to be a better version of ourselves than we were in last Now moment.

We sometimes find ourselves and others doing some very Human things. We say things. We do things. We act out in certain ways and this in turn causes certain things to happen . We then go through a process of regret, shame, guilt, sorry full feelings and then perhaps move into asking for or working on forgiveness.

Yet why?

We are merely being Human.

Does a dog after it barks or does other typical dog things then ask for forgiveness? I have not known that to happen myself...I would say no! This is because the dog is just being a dog. It is not until a human comes and then trains the dog to act in another way ,perhaps to no longer bark at the door bell, that the dog stops a natural reaction. It no longer is attached to the story of being a dog that barks at the door bell but a dog that sits quietly and gets a treat each time the door bell is rung. And as it still is in the early stages of learning and still barks, I doubt the dog will beat itself up and go into shame, guilt or regret.

So why must we constantly go through this process of guilt, shame and regret and beating ourselves up each time we make a mistake? Each time we do something or say something that exposes us as being a learning Human? Something that is part of being a Human learning through experiences. A soul having a Human experience and experiencing life as a Human through life experiences.

We need to experience life as a Human fully in order to learn, grow and evolve at a soul level.

This is in no way saying it is acceptable for people to behave in an abusive way or such, or to intentionally hurt another. It is simply a fresh approach, a different way to move your life forward. A way that doesn't have you constantly piling on another heavy load to your baggage. This is a way that allows you to be free from the past or the story you have latched onto about your past or your life.

So I feel forgiveness is really just step one and to move beyond forgiveness is to free yourself of all attachment to the event, thoughts, story ,situation or perhaps even person/people you have forgiven.

You are so powerful

Move into an empowered state of mind

Rewrite your story

You are strong

You are empowered

You are free

I really hope this has helped you in some way

I wish you the very best with your life moving forward

Sending you so much love

Nayalla xxx

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