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Exploring The Wetiko Mind Virus

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi Beautiful Soul,

If you are already familiar with what I have been sharing online , then you will have heard me speak of an energetic virus more than once. I picked up on an energetic virus probably back in 2015 during meditation. I started to pick it up in the energy of others when I started to do readings more in 2017. The energetic virus just kept coming up time and time again. I felt it in the unconscious collective, in society, in individuals, music, videos, online, buildings etc.

And in my energy updates I was repeatedly sharing that the energetic virus would be seen in the physical World to be cleared and healed. I saw it ripple out as all that was once hidden began to be shown more in the Physical. Then 2020 happened and we saw the unfolding on the Corona Virus. I knew the energetic virus would show itself in a big way but I didn't expect an actual virus in the physical that would bring the World to a holt.

Corona -

A part of the body resembling or linked to a crown

Virus -

sub-microscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to micro-organisms, including bacteria and archaea.

Computer virus -

spreads by itself into other executable code or documents.

Malicious program that self-replicates by copying itself to another program.

Infects vulnerable systems, gains admin control and steals users sensitive data.

I felt the energetics of a fear virus straight away. I saw how people responded to the news of this Corona virus ,the crown virus, the mind virus. I saw how it made people act and knew this was the energetic virus I had been feeling into for so many years before hand in the energetics.





Then in March 2021, I came across the term Wetiko . This is a Native American term for people

(colonising Europeans and Americans) who harboured a mental disease or dis-ease ,that convinced them that they needed more than is necessary to survive.

( *remember in 2020 when people stockpiled toilet rolls?)

It makes humanity become its own worst enemy. Just like the energetic virus I picked up ,they speak of this Wetiko virus energetically feeding, being parasitic in nature. Just like energy vampires, this virus feeds off a certain energetic and exploits to create more of the same. It takes more than it needs basically ,also think cannibalistic. It also targets the ego and exploits the unconscious to move into a state of egofrenia.

Egophrenia - a dis-ease of consciousness.

It is consciousness itself becoming sick to spark an awakening leading to a greater level of health and wholeness in itself.

Egophrenia is our consciousness manifesting into physical form so as to expand and evolve itself.

Wetiko moves through the unconscious mind and exploits all that needs to be healed or addressed. I witnessed how the Corona virus exploits humanities fear of death ,and digs deep into the mind to find our fears, and then starts a feeding frenzy.

You may be thinking ,well if this is a mind virus then how come we have seen physical symptoms? Through my own healing journey I have come to realise the mind is very powerful and does create dis-ease , dis-order and illness in the physical body. As we learn more about the human mind we also learn how to heal the human body. We can program or reprogram the mind in a very similar way we do with a computer system. Certain programs running in the mind will damage or cause harm to the physical body over time. Other programs will create wellness and good health, the system runs well basically.

This is Psychosomatic ,meaning and relating to the interaction of mind and body. An illness ,dis-ease, dis-order caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress. I can see the Corona Virus being a physical manifestation of the unconscious collective thought forms.

I spoke of this even before 2020 in energy updates.

The Native Americans spoke of the Wetiko virus being a manifestation of the energetics of Selfishness. They say Wetiko is an evil spirit that invades the Human mind. This is an aggressive pathogen forcing the victim to feed their insatiable needs as if they were starving. Unable to see the truth of a situation as this feeding frenzy continues and accelerates. It forces mutation by tricking us into becoming one with this energy.

This virus doesn't want to kill the host quickly because in order to successfully fulfil its agenda of reproducing and propagating itself the host must live long enough to spread the virus. Yet fear has huge implications on the physical body and the longer we are in fear the more extreme the reactions in the body are.

In March 2021 I did a Divine Message for my YouTube Channel and a Trojan Horse came forward. This Virus is just like the Trojan Horse. It can be thought of as a gift from the Divine to wake us up and create positive change or a gift intended to create damage.

In the same way we could ask ourselves about the Wetiko mind Virus, is it destroying us or waking us up?

If we don't as a collective recognise what it is showing us and what gift it is offering us, then it has the potential to kill us!

If we can recognise it as an energetic within us ,and realise what tricks it plays ,if we can look our fears in the eye and learn to grow, as a result the Wetiko will dissolve and no longer have any power over us.

When we are unconscious, this mind virus is able to run wild within the host and the whole of humanity. It has the power to destroy lives and bring with it both suffering and chaos.

We need to stop looking for a quick fix. A pill or injection will not work to fix this issue in the long run.

This is an invitation for humanity to be brave, to deep dive ,to do the shadow work that is long over due on this planet. When our energy has become polluted and the ego mind is riddled with fear and selfish ways of being, we become the perfect host for this type of mind virus. This type of virus will dig deep into the darkest corners of our psyche ,exploiting the hosts greatest fears and selfish ways.

We heal by going into conscious awareness, this transmutes all fears into an energy of learning and healing through non-judgement and awareness. Humanity needs to learn how to pause and breathe. To slow down ,stop the constant busyness, the distractions ,the over doing and working and just go into inner silence and stillness. We must stop being afraid to be present with our greatest fears and admit where we need to develop and grow.

Its time to have more faith in ourselves and what we are capable of. It seems humanity in general has got very good at straight away reaching for things such as medication, be that prescription or self medicating with various substances. Rather than going to the root of the issue, learning from it ,and taking action to make sure it doesn't repeat where possible. I know only too well the only way to truly heal is to go to the root and treat in a holistic way. Holistic being, the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental ,social and environmental factors, rather than just the symptoms of a dis-ease. Meaning mind, body and soul are all affected, so all need attention in order to fully heal.






It seems too simple to believe, when we see the chaos in the World, that to be still could possibly cure such sickness and insanity! Yet the more we move into a place of non-judgment and become the watcher of our thoughts and feelings, we also move into a place of empowerment and healing. We are able to see clearly, we gain 20/20 vision.

You may or may not know, I speak as somebody who had experienced illness of the body ,spirit and mind for most of my life! I have healed each issue one by one. From 2015 onwards I have actually started to experience life as a healthy person ,pain free and able to live life to a much higher quality! I know if someone had told me ,as I lay in a hospital bed on a morphine drip in my 20's, that I had created all of it and to simply meditate it away , I would not have believed them. I was meditating at that time ,but not regularly, and I didn't know my thoughts were not all my own (*we collect through imprinting and unconscious programming ,the beliefs of our parents, family, society, peers etc. unconsciously from a child) or that my thoughts were causing my body to shut down. Yet the more we sit with our mind the more we can sort through the chaos. Work out what is ours and what we have soaked up from outside of us. We start to hear our Soul more, connect with our higher self, and understand our body much better. We are then more able to start making the outer changes needed to support positive change.

We all have an insane voice in our head from time to time when the ego takes over and our fears come to the fore. Yet we all have the power to distance ourselves from it and connect more to the voice of our hearts instead. Love is the antidote and we can find this medicine within us for free when we go within and quieten the ego minds noise.

We get to choose ,right here and right now if we want to host a fear virus or a love virus!

They are both contagious and they both infect the mind and body as well as the Soul. When we feel helpless to illness we go for quick fixes and reach for things that may do us more harm than good in the long run. I know this only too well! When we feel empowered and fear-less, we listen to our own internal guidance system and trust in our own abilities much more.

Below is a fractal digital art I did this year, that I think illustrates pretty well the chaotic energy around the mental body of most of humanity currently. The crown is still in connection with Source energy though, and if we clear out the clutter we can find our connection once more and not only see clearly but heal too.

You are Power-Full and Capable of great change!

Be brave, face your fears!

Go within, self reflect and dissolve the Wetiko mind virus by creating an inner environment, where it can no longer survive.

Declare you do not consent to that energetic being in your energy or reality, and make changes to affirm your intention and words.

Humanity may have over time become its own worst enemy.

Yet now we have had a wake up call and realise the error of our ways, we can become our best own medicine!

Be well dear friends🌻

Sending you so much Love

Nayalla xxx

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