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Energetically Wiping The Slate Clean

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

As we prepare for the start of a new Year the very exciting arrival of 2020. And the beginning of a new decade ,part of that is saying goodbye to the present year and all that no longer serves.

As part of what I do to serve humanity, is to keep my finger on the energetic collective pulse, I have picked up a collective exciting opening, we all can step through. This will allow us All to once and for all step out of all confining energetic restraints, and be free on a soul level. Thats if we choose to do so. This then in turn will bring with it huge shifts and changes on the physical plane too!

I have put together what I believe and also feel are some powerful words that will spark great change ,if you are open to them doing so. My spiritual team ( guides ) have also informed me that the words have been encrypted with light codes and if listened to will activate your energy through powerful sound codes also! I have made a video if you feel like watching. I will attach that to the bottom of this page.

I also feel sharing them in typed form is important too! You are free to print these words off or copy them and share them if you feel called to do so also. All I ask, is if you please make it known you found them through myself (Nayalla), thank you!

You may want to turn them into an EFT Tapping script or record yourself saying them and use as a Meditation or listen to them when you are free to take a moment to be fully present with them or simply read them either aloud or in your mind. Whatever you choose to do will be exactly right for you, so dont get too hung up on how to use these words. It is important though ,to get the full benefit of these words ,to repeat them 3 times. If you find them powerful then leave a few days or a week between each time. And please drink lots of clean water.

So here are those words to Energetically wipe the slate clean and dissolve all vows and such that have been holding you back up until this point and get you in the best possible place to start 2020 and a brand new decade...

Today I give myself the permission to stand in my highest most Divine power. And set a clear and conscious intention to be free from all that has hindered me up until this now moment.

I call in all that is for my highest good with the intention to remove all that is not so.

I am now ready and aligned to let go of all that is not in alignment with my true soul path. Right here and right now in this very now moment, I choose to be conscious and fully aware of my intentions, of my actions and my words. I set the intention to remove fully and completely, all past life vows and contracts as well as all soul contracts and all known and unknown vows. And everything that has been placed upon me to block progression in this life,past lives and all future lives. I choose and give permission to be free from all that no longer serves and all that blocks me including family patterns and ancestrial contracts and all agreements. All hex's, all promises ,all decrees,all pledges ,all contracts and all obligations.

I dissolve all that does not support healthy soul evolution and personal growth and all that holds me back from my true Divine path.

I call grace of the Divine to pour upon my being now.

I choose to let go of all old behaviours, all old ways of thinking, all old ways of doing, all old ways of being and all old ways of acting that prevent me from moving into all that is of my most highest good!

I give myself permission to return back to the original soul mission, and back to the original code. Connecting my soul back to all that is pure and souly authentic in Divine expression.

I release all that prevents me from experiencing all that is pure Love of the truest nature.

I release all that no longer serves on all levels,on all dimensions and all that is connected to any parallel lives. I dissolve all unhealthy attachments, all cords,all threads, and all karmic connections tying me to other people and places.

I allow all that is not in alignment with my highest good to fall away now!

As I step into my truest, highest most powerful expression of Divinity in human incarnation. Only the highest purest vibrational frequency supporting this multidimensional being of pure Divine light can remain.

I declare myself as free from all that blocks,all that stops, all that hinders and all that prevents my movement forward.

I am free

I am free

I am free

I am released

I am released

I am released

I am strong and able

Capable and stable in my highest light

And so it is

So it is

So it is

So it is

So it was

And so it shall always be!


010101 010101

If you choose to follow along to the video below you will get the additional healing energy from my voice and presence, just be aware there is slight variation to the words used!

I wish you a really amazing rest of 2019 and a truly magical 2020 and beyond! ✨✨✨

Remember it doesnt matter what has come before this moment, all that truly matters is what you choose to do moving forward. You can turn your life around any time you choose! You can make your life anything you want it to be! You have the power to do so,believe if is so and believe in yourself!✨✨✨

I believe in you

Lots of love and all the very best moving forward

Nayalla xxx

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