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Collective Energy Reading for 2022

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Hi Beautiful Souls,

Warriors of Light,


Earth Angels,

and Heart centred beings of Earth

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022!

I thought I would connect with the energies and themes for 2022 to share with my Discord group, and as I picked up quite a lot ,I decided it would be good to record it here too.

Straight away the first thing I picked up was a much lighter energy of 2022 ,compared to the previous years of 2020 and 2021. The Human collective its fair to say, have had to face some difficult and challenging times of late. Although the energy of 2022 is lighter the challenges will continue. It feels for a few more years to come actually

We are entering a year ruled by the energetics of the number "6", which puts us in a place of repair and restoration. It also allows us to go with change rather than resist changes needed. Last years powerful number "5" energy showed and brought up for us to see much of this!

The three major energy themes I picked up from the number "6" energetic of this year are Family, Balance & Harmony ,and Firmness & Fairness.

Let us start with exploring the theme of Family. It is unfortunate that the events and happenings of the last 2 years have left many families and communities in tatters and very damaged. With the focus for 2022 being on families, it is a great year to reflect on how families impact our lens, as we look out into society, and the world at large. How have your own experiences within a family dynamic shaped you, and influenced who you show up as to date?

The theme of family expands out past immediate family ties, and even extended human family, and this year asks us to look even further outwards. Can we see all of Humanity as our extended family? Can we open up to and connect with, or meet up with, our Soul family? Can we be open to receive guidance and support from our Soul family? Can we see all people as someone's son or daughter, as someone's child ? Can we extend family love out to the plant and animal kingdom? Can we learn from other families? Can we improve as a collective how family life works in general and what family means? Can we support one another better?

Certain events of the last 2 years put some much needed focus on the children of Earth and how society has failed them many times. Can we look at these failings as a society and collective, and work together to create better for our children? Can we step up and be family to those who need us the most? Can we move out of fear and guide our children into a brighter future? Can we guide those who didn't have good role models within their own family dynamics, and not judge those who "don't know what they never knew" or were never shown?

For the Star-Seeds its easy to extend the family theme out to Galactic and Star family. Yet for much of Humanity this is still a huge stretch, and perhaps 2022 will be the year that stretch in imagination and consciousness does in fact create a collective awakening, of a cosmic nature. Many themes we see and experience playing out on Earth, have been influenced by Galactic historical events, and Cosmic energies. The deeper we go within, the deeper into our history and Galactic connections we also will delve.

Expect to see more "unusual" activities in the sky and also expect to hear more people open up about contact with "other worldly" beings and Star family connections.

2022 will set up the perfect energetics to repair damaged family connections as we little by little move into higher heart vibrational living. The themes explored from this shift include empathy , sympathy ,healing, compromise, responsibility, nurturing, care, honesty and integrity.

The home life for many of us will feel more harmonious, as we begin to break away from toxic family patterns and unconscious programming, and choose love over conflict. For others space away, or time out of toxic energies and attitudes will make healing of a personal nature easier and smoother this year.

Which leads me perfectly into the next major theme to be explored as a collective this year, that being Balance and Harmony.

Unconditional love is largely misunderstood by the human collective and this year is going to get us all looking towards and exploring just what exactly it really is, and also what it is not! I feel that Humanity may get a few wake up calls and surprises about what we once thought was True Love and unconditional Love, and what it really is, to show and be in this energy.

In order to live a more balanced and harmonious life, we are being called to make a few adjustments. When we are able to see clearly with the new insight the last 2 years has gifted us with, this becomes much easier. We become more able to stay firm within our boundaries, and recognise sometimes the most loving thing we can do is firmly say "no" when others think our love automatically means we will always say "yes" to them.

In fact being ok with saying "no" and not complying, even when it might mean being branded as a trouble maker, rebel, selfish, ungrateful or even foolish will be asked of many more as this year unfolds.

Boundaries as a theme will show up this year, and with it the opportunity to show others and yourself if you can "walk your talk" and "talk your walk". Its time for Humanity to stay firm in the energy of empowerment and sovereignty and know these energies can, and do work perfectly with balance and harmony.

Strength from within will become an energetic force field that will show humanity how gentle strength and firmness of word and energy, can be way more powerful than any act of violence. "Just" and "fair" actions and motives, as well as Justice, also appear as themes for the collective, as well as poise ,protection ,conscientiousness and humanitarianism.

Firmness and fairness, are the other major themes I picked up for 2022. This will be a very challenging theme to work through for much of humanity ,especially those who still are in the energy of control and use overpowering ways. For Humanity to move into a more balanced way of living, harmony has to be at the fore, and if we are to be firm it must go hand in hand with fairness or it could easily slip into heavy-handedness ,dictatorship and corruption. Interestingly enough firm yet fair concepts when it comes to raising a family and young children can establish healthy relationships and a more harmonious home environment.

Its important we stay connected with the human touch ,and stay in our hearts yet maintain boundaries. This way of being can also be the makings of great leadership, working with others rather than ruling over them. Standing firm in what we believe in, while remaining fair and just in word and deed, will make for clearer communication and healthier interpersonal relationship's.

Humanity will be challenged in this area as we are all being asked to "love thy neighbour" as they show up in the present moment, even if that challenges or triggers us. Can we let others have their views without the need to convert or change that view even if it is in contrast to our own views, thoughts or beliefs? Can we hold our own in a non-aggressive way even when we are being challenged by others? Can we stay firm in who we are even if we are alone in what we stand for and still extend a loving arm or friendly word to those who stand apart from us? Can we unite within opposing energises? Can we see the love in the hearts of the lost even if they see us as the lost ones? Can we recognise the Divine in our Human family even when they act or speak out of fear rather than love? Do we have the inner strength to walk away from a toxic situation?

As we move from January to March, fear will be something we all will be asked to look at, be it personal fears or collective fears. This is a time to confront those fears and grow. It is a time to move away from living and operating from fear and limitations, and linked mental constructs ,and move into higher consciousness. Compassion and love will lead us forward. If we can step out of fear some dramatic changes will show up for us. This is where we are being asked to "walk through the fire".

I pick up energies such as striving forward, progress, ambition, self-reliance, tenacity, motivation and will power, being present at this time for humanity. The collective will see that they can ,have been, and will create their own reality. I also sense self-leadership and assertiveness as energies coming forward, and also achieving success ,trusting the process and not being afraid to ask for help where needed.

The first quarter of the year has a very Galactic feel to it. Star family and Galactic family connections, as well as open contact ,come forward as themes. Our Galactic family and interdimensional guides will help us to go through profound collective evolution as a humanity, and this period will lay the foundations for this to happen. We are being guided to see situations and issues we have been long avoiding, and make adjustments and changes that are very much needed if not long over due!

I also pick up gratitude as a strong energy for the first quarter plus self-responsibility, self-respect, and clear sight.

Its important to make peace with the past and to also be grateful for past experiences no matter how horrible or uncomfortable they may have been they did give some kind of gift! I recognised from personal past experiences, and speaking with others with similar past experiences, that having been in a narcissistic abusive relationship gave insight into the unfolding of certain World events that others just can't see, or couldn't clearly see! The past experience of this kind of relationship allowed plenty to see into certain events clearly as patterns were clearly recognised. The better we are at seeing and recognising certain patterns emerging the better we are at discernment and direction or redirection. I feel like this year during this period much focus will be on looking back and either being grateful for the lessons learnt ,or being able to discern better as a collective, and see clearly patterns and agenda's playing out.

For those of you who haven't already energetically cleared the past 12months from your energy field this meditation may help you to do so. It guides you on how to call back your energy, pull in wisdom ,pour in gratitude and let go of anything that no longer serves. Leaving you lighter and ready to face the next 12 months with confidence.

In the period of April to June ,I feel a great deal of change ,transitions and transformative energy coming up. Birth and rebirth are major themes for these months. Think in terms of metaphorical birth and rebirth, more than any other kind. We will be collectively moving from one state of consciousness and into another. This may be a time where some feel disconnected, ungrounded, confused, or lost. It seems like individual as well as collective events, will shape a major shift in consciousness. I also pick up themes such as health ,health care, near death experiences, past lives, exploring the pure essence of the soul ,consciousness and spirituality, extra-terrestrials and higher self connection, for the collective to explore and move through at this time. As well as compassion and unconditional love.

This period of time may come with many shake ups ,twists ,turns and changes. It feels like much focus will be on authority and personal power, sovereignty, self-confidence, inner strength, self-reliance, and also material freedom and provisions.

As this is a year connected to repair and restoration certain themes are likely to come forward for us as a collective to heal, change, adjust or bring awareness to. I pick up discrimination ,the ego, dictatorship, free-will, a desire for peace ,and World transformation, strongly coming forward during these months of the year.

This makes for a great space to set solid foundations for you and loved ones, to secure future prosperity ,good health and peace. Some effort will be required to make this happen and perhaps some hard work where necessary too. Humanity as a collective are being called into action, and to live up to our highest potential. To step into our personal power together, we can then collectively become an empowered collective, ready to positively shift our reality into a higher vibrational timeline, for the benefit of all.

July through to September I pick up the theme of new cycles of learning for humanity. Powerful transformations ,going into the unknown, breakthroughs, karmic patterns being released, completion ,leap of faith and learning and growth, as the main flavours of this period of time.

We are being asked to maintain faith, and to also trust in our own abilities and also to trust in each other as a collective.

Our hearts will be given an upgrade, and we will be given the opportunity to see each other through the eyes of love. More will pull away from traditional working styles and methods, and "service to others based jobs" will be on more peoples minds. Generosity and heart based actions will replace any selfish energies, and we will see people coming together more within communities, and problem solving together to move forward more united as a collective.

I pick up Awakening as a theme and do feel a huge shift in consciousness will be seen as more realise the truth of themselves and this realty too! As more "wake up" and are able to see clearly, its important we hold space for each other while this takes place. Sometimes truth isn't the easiest thing to swallow whole, and bite sized pieces make it easier to digest! Let the light shine through us all this year ,as we illuminate this Earth and become more of who we were born to be. Our own unique expression of life will shine brighter, as we drop the false and stand authentically in the light of our own truth and Divine truth!

The last quarter, October to December of this year I pick up the themes of Cause and effect, giving of self, Safety and security, having enough, generosity ,giving and receiving and selfishness.

As a collective we are being nudged and guided to move out of judgements that cloud the lens of the hearts loving sight, and just simply observe. Can we look at ourselves ,our daily habits ,patterns ,words and current expression without judgement, and just pour love into this space whatever we see? Can we look at humanity and not judge, but just observe what we see, and love how we are showing up as a collective, no matter what we see? Can we see the negative, and the positive, and embrace it all, as we grow through it all. And transcend what was, to become, what is our highest potential? We are being asked to move into a space of honest self-evaluation, so we can transform through the energy of unconditional love!

Fears cloud what we see and how we see ourselves and each other. Love allows us to see clearly and use discernment. I pick up this being an important time to use self-care daily, and to care for each other, in ways we perhaps haven't done in a long while. This is a time to come together and no longer divide. This is a time to stop fighting each other, and learn how to negotiate and compromise. The home and family will be at the fore of most peoples minds throughout this year, and bringing more love and peace into our homes in turn, allows more love and peace into our World, and our experience of life on Earth.

I picked up a great amount of Lyran energy coming forward throughout this energy reading, and maybe this isn't such a big surprise when we think about it. 2022 is of course the Year of The Tiger, in the Chinese zodiac. I feel if we can tune into the energy of this big cat, then we can confidently move through this year, no matter what challenges we may be faced with. I also feel our Lyran family will be sharing great wisdom with us this year, if we are open to receive it!

I did channel some Lyran light language if you wish to hear that then I will share it here for you. It is a rainbow light activation transmission and may aid you in connecting with your Lyran guides or in remembering lost parts of yourself.

As it is the year of the Tiger, I thought it might be helpful to speak a little about the tiger energy before I finish this reading. Tigers command respect , they teach us how to own who we are and stay in our power. This energy can teach us great patience ,we can learn when best to move and when best to stay still. This energy is not about procrastination or about wasting time with planning meaninglessly. The Tiger will guide you onto a path that is clear to see, so you are ready for that next big leap forward.

The Tiger has great strength, not only found in the physical body, but also great mental strength too! When we feel like the Universe is testing us and stretching us too far, the Tiger will remind us of our great light within and powerful spirit. Tigers are known to have amazing bursts of energy, and anytime you feel low on energy, call on the Tiger to remind you that you too have extra energy reserves to help keep you going.

The Tiger comes forward as confident ,the embodiment of elegance and inner strength and divine power. The Tiger will teach about self-actualisation, how to feel comfortable in our own skin and how to trust in what we feel, going forward on our own intuition and guidance unapologetically.

The Tiger energy shows us how to keep our eye on the prize and how to achieve our goals by strategically moving ever closer to what we want with confidence.

Interestingly enough the Tiger also symbolizes healing ,the immune system and clearing environmental toxins from the system for overall good health. It seems the Tiger is showing up at the perfect time to guide humanity back onto our feet, to get up off our knees, and remind us of just how capable we really are of healing ,growing, and showing up in an empowered and confident way!

We may have gone through hardship ,difficulties ,losses ,upset, illness, turbulence, uncertainty and harsh energy including perhaps conflict, as a collective over the past few years, yet we have the power ,strength and know how to get back up, turn it around and, keep going towards what really matters.

Stay in your hearts beautiful ones and know whatever we face, it is for us to grow and discover our truth. It's all happening for us ,we are not victims, we are powerful creator beings full of Divine light and wisdom.

Gorgeous Starseeds,

Those of you who feel like you do not belong

here on Earth at this time

you will be be shown

that you hold within you

the exact codes needed

for these exact times!

Deep breath

Reconnect with your inner strength

Embrace your Uniqueness

You got this

Shine Bright

Walk confidently onwards and know you are not and will never be alone ,your spiritual team are with you always!


for Ultimate Evolution

as a Conscious Collective

ready for profound change

& mature enough

to confront

rather than avoid

mind made illusions & fears!

2022 promises to guide humanity into a better awareness of all things that hinder harmony & balance!

And so there we have it!

I wish you all the very best for the year of 2022!

Happy New Year

Sending you all so much love

Nayalla xxx

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