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✨🐬🌐Beautiful Blue Planet ~ Find Us Under The Sea🌐🐬✨

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I believe as we collectively journey deeper into our true emotions and reconnect with our true nature.Hidden beneath fears of the ego and energy connected to false light and dark programs(virus), clouding our truest potentials, we will also reconnect with ourselves and our home. We will connect back to Earth, Gaia , we will also connect back to the natural world and learn how to be and live harmoniously in balance and unite our light and dark energy. While becoming more aware of the false dark and light that has infected this planet. The planet is going through many changes of her own as she moves through her very own natural cycles, and we are making collective changes alongside these shifts.

Water has been a big theme coming forward for most of this year, energetically appearing in many intuitive readings and energy updates and also a big theme on the World stage too! I believe because humanity has been doing so much work of an emotiotial nature and really being asked to take a deep look inwardly, it is also being reflected outwardly too!

Humans over time have become some what ignorant to the fact this planet is made up of mostly water. Lets not forget that also is true for us as humans too. When we say Earth we tend to automatically think of the land yet this is a planet known as the Blue planet. As we explore our own emotions and delve deeper into once hidden parts of ourselves, the depths of hidden treasure in the Blue Planets waters will open up to us too I believe. With what is said to be 73% of the Oceans still left unexplored, there is still so much left to learn about our home and ourselves. Much of our history can be found in the waters of Mother Earth ,Gaia. And it is from that very same water, our future will be birthed also, as we learn and discover more about ourselves.

I have picked up also plenty coming up connected to Lumerian and Atlantis energy as we are approaching 2020. With many having past life memories returned to them or a feeling that they are connected to one or the other or both. Much of the information available to us about them tells stories of extremes and even corruption. Yet although I do pick up this too,I do believe there is much more to both energies and the main reason they are coming forward is as a reminder to the collective. We are being guided back into balance,we are being reminded of our higher masculine and feminine aspects, we are being called to live more from a place of neutrality and the higher heart than duality and ego. So Lumerian and Atlantis energy is reminding us of what can happen if we swing too far out one way or the other. What can happen if we become too polarized in our masculine or feminine energies and reminding us to come into and stay balanced. ( I do have an Earth Talks video where I explain my take on the pole shift if you are interested it can be found on my YouTube Channel, along with a playlist full of Earth related information ).

The emotional healing is sparking a huge spiritual awakening and many are being in a sense forced to look at the parts of themselves,life or the world that they havent wanted to or have tried to ignore in the past. To so many right now the world looks like a messed up ,dark and ugly place. Yet by facing our fears, and by looking at those darker parts we are gifted with learning,deeper understanding and an opportunity to change for the better. We have to be aware of the false darkness ,and also just as harmful the false light, to fully connect with our own natural darkness and light. Everything has gone into extremes and it has all been for us to come to this place now. For us all to come into a place of empowerment and stand in our own true authentic power and together make better choices moving forward. Through self correction and taking full responsibility for our own part to play in this story! Humanity has been in a deep sleep and as we wake up we will realise we have much work to do.

Overtime humanity has become more and more removed and disconnected from Earth and the natural world. Now the natural world is reflecting back to us our own true state. We will see going on in this world some clear markers, indicating where we need to clean up both individually and planetary! Change has to happen, that is obvious, so lets be the change that needs to happen and come together as the family we are and clean up! When you look at a building site before the building has been built it looks like a mess. Yet given some time and with work it starts to take shape and a building is created! Our future is the building site that looks a mess right now and we are the master builders, the magnificent Divine creator beings and the ones we have been waiting for...lets build something amazing together now and moving forward!

We are not alone on this journey of deep reflection and self discovery and mastery, we have guidance and assistance every step of the way. Two of humanities main guides can be found in the very waters many are too fearful to go near or in. So they have begun to energetically bridge the gap and connect with us, even if we are not near the water. I speak of the Whales and the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are amazing guides for us ,reminding us of the importance of play and how we can learn through play. They also show us how to lead and live by example, and encourage us to repair relationships and form more harmonious family relationships. As well as forming healthier relationships with the environment and the natural world. Dolphins and Whales like ourselves are multidimensional beings and can telepathically communicate with humans and other beings that are nowhere near water. They are helping Earth and humanity as well as helping themselves evolve further as a species. Dolphins have the ability to see everything about us,both our inner and outer states which allows them to be great energy healers and also great guides to human healers. Our neurology is very similar to that of dolphins so we do actually hold the potential to gain access to all and everything they can do. Consciousness is energy and energy is multidimensional so we have access to so much, once we remember we are energy and connected to everything.

The Dolphins and the Whales want to gift us back our lost history, that is why they are so keen to be our guides as we are going through this energetic shift. They are record keepers and have in a way been holding onto our memories for us, until we were awake enough to be able to receive such information from them. They also hold knowledge as I said before to Ancient technology ,they can remind us about how to do different forms of energy healing ,remind us about free energy and the potential to harness Earths energy that stays in alignment with natural law,and how to use crystals so they are more potent in energy. They also have access to the hidden or lost Crystal skulls and the real reason for them and how to use them. My own Dolphin guides informed me that if we meditate on the image of a crystal skulls or with a small crystal skull we can unlock our true potential connected to mind over matter,we become the Alchemist on a whole new level. We will also learn more about our own inner technology and how to look after the body so it lasts longer and stays healthy and functioning to full capacity, so basically they want to give us an upgrade to this whole Earthly experience.

I would like to share with you two Healing meditations, one to connect with your Orca guide and another to connect with your Dolphin guide. I like so many others, feel great change is coming and the energy from the Orca and Dolphins will help to prepare your energy field for the changes that you will go through and also witness here on this Earth. We must not go into fear or panic,yet know there is a process taking place and its important we go with the process and embrace the change, even if we cant quite see how it will unfold and look in the end.

Anytime you feel fear creep in or anxiety please use the energy of the mighty Orca to help centre you again. And if you find you are taking yourself or life a little too seriously then call upon the Dolphin energy to bring out the lighter side and the more relaxed or playful part of you.

Exciting opportunities and experiences are being gifted to us all the time yet if we are not open to receive them they will pass us by everytime!

When we go into a palce of lack and can only see what we are loosing and what has been taken from us, we miss all the things we are being handed to us and also returned back to us as a result. The Whales show us ,as such large creatures, that there is always enough! They show us we dont have to work and work and strieve and push and force to get what we need. By being in a place of trust the Whale always gets their needs met. Abundance comes in many forms and if the largest of creatures can be in a place of trust then surely we can too!

So I will leave you now to ponder what gifts await you both deep within yourself and perhaps also under the sea. Lets appreciate what we have while we have it and make the adjustments now, so all we have experienced as a species has not been in vain. Lets learn from past lessons and forge a new path and a better way together. Allowing the cleansing waters of this Beautiful Blue Planet to cleanse our souls as we purge the old and build the new,working as One!



Love to you all

Nayalla xxx

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