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A Look Into Energy Healing And The Chakra System

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

What is Energy Healing and do we really need a Chakra System?

Hi Beautiful Hearts,

Today lets take a look into what energy healing is and also what I have picked up energetically connected to the Chakras.

So what is energy healing? So when we are doing energy healing we are really just letting go of all that is wasting our energy to keep us full of strong life force energy and to maintain a healthy stream of high vibrational energy. It is the clearing out of anything that is draining us of energy and also investigating why something is draining us of energy. We are clearing out anything blocking a healthy flow of energy. It is also the clearing out of anything blocking us from vibrating at our most highest frequency.

So what we are really aiming for is reaching the purest form of life force energy, reaching the purest energy we can.

When we are doing energy work we are working on or working with the subtle energies to pick up all of the above and help others move forward with ease.

We are all made up of layers of vibrating energy that creates our own unique frequency. We all have our own unique vibration and also our own unique purpose.

I personally have always picked up the energy of myself as one main energy ,one complete body of energy. So when I started giving readings the idea presented to me by others of the Chakras never really sat well with me. I never took to the Chakras and didnt use them and never activated them. As I did more readings I began to pick various energetic attachments in the energy fields of others connected to the Chakra system. I also have this ability to pick up blocks, implants, overlays ,as well as attachments connected to them.

These implants can control through what I call portals created by the Chakras. The Chakras system seems to have been hijacked and are able now to be used to put or insert many things into the human energy field. This then really slows down progression and blocks our full use of true energy by overlays and programs.

I found I could not only clear the blocks but also get to the root cause of them and also the programs and also remove the implants too As well as the false chakra system which is allowing this to take place. By removing these things we then allow major growth to happen and start to feel lighter and freer.

We are made up largely of water and water is programmable ,its mutable so to insert energetic vibrations into our energy system will in turn disrupt our unique water molecules. It will alter our frequency therefore altering us ,our original make up and even prevent us from achieving our true potential.

Just because something is deemed as normal and something has been done or used for many years doesn't mean its still right for us in the present day. Even though the Chakras have been around for thousands of years it may be that we are either in a place in our human evolution to either step away from them or at least be more aware to the fact they are not being used in a pure way anymore. We are as a collective, as humans evolving and we are collectively going through a process of letting go of all that is stopping us from growing and reaching a higher consciousness. Like the peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the core truth of who we really are.

By breaking away from the "norm" we will find our own way and find what is best for us on all levels. Many it seems are following a narrative or belief that belongs to someone else and may not actually fit the needs of that unique person.

We have many systems in place currently that simply do not serve us anymore. They have been misused or corrupted, which is not to the collectives or the individuals best interest. I believe the Chakras, the Chakra system is one of such systems.

We now seem to have a feeding of energy going on and the Chakras seem to be part of a low vibrational loop that is allowing outside entities to feed in a very parasitic and vampiric way. Feeding off the energy of the human.

When we have activated these Chakras and we are vulnerable to the insertion of many things energetically into our energy field. What seems to happen is a blocking of some major things. Such as creativity, connection to the Divine, inspiration, Divine wisdom, true third eye activation and true potential.

We naturally pick up blocks and programs from many places ,such as ancestral blocks. We collect personal blocks and programs from our life experiences such as from family patterns, traumas, and childhood experiences too. Then we have the other externally inserted blocks and programs from the media, society, cultural and also religious too. By removing these blocks and programs we then can fully activate our pure life force energy. We stay strong. We feel complete. We feel more connected to self and the Divine. Our vibration will be at its highest frequency and we will be more able to step into our true potential. We will be able to fully activate our Spiritual gifts and feel a stronger connection to them too.

Now lets take a look at the Chakra Systems main function ,so this is a system put over the top of our own natural systems. The Chakras are meant to animate or vitalise each auric body or energy field ,therefore vitalise the physical body. I personally find this very disempowering straight away because we are being led to believe we need to put something over the top of what we already have in order for what we already have to work and function properly. Its simply a case of remembering who we are and how we work. The Chakras are meant to help with self-consciousness and being self-aware yet we dont really need anything outside of us in order to do this. They are meant to transfer energy between the different auric levels but this actually happens naturally anyway. So when I pick up the Chakras I feel it chopping up our natural energy. The Chakras create portals or a vortex that then draws in outside information into your energy field and then influences your decisions and well-being moving forward. Unfortunately if you have activated the false Chakra overlay you have also consented to outside entities using you for your energy and given then access points to control you energetically. It also could be that you are taking the best care daily of these Chakras, spinning them and clearing them or whatever you feel you have to do and still feel drained of energy or stuck in general. This is through no fault of your own, its simply because your energy has been taken and due to the false chakra overlay and hijacked from outside entities and energy.

We have found ourselves as humans in a place where we give our power away to other people, entities and lower vibrations that in turn lower our own vibrations. This stops us experiencing the full quality of life. By standing strong in our own energy we are less likely to be influenced or taken over by outside influences.

It is our birth right to be free.

It is our birth right to think for ourselves.

If we have been through a process of being programmed to take on beliefs, ideals, thoughts, theories of others then the freedom to think for ourselves has been taken from us without our consent.

With knowledge comes power

With power of knowledge comes empowerment

Do your own research

Form your own opinion

Because when you feel you have no voice, or no power it is so easy to fall into the pray of manipulation.

We all hold Divine truth, tap into that now.

Always do what feels right for you.

Dont blindly follow the person in front do what is best for you on an individual level.

If you would like to ask any questions or would like more information on this please reach out to me and I will help you in anyway I possibly can.

Take care beautiful hearts

I send you all my love

I wish you all the best

Nayalla xxx

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