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5 Steps To Live A Happier Life🌻😀🌻

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi Beautiful Hearts,

As someone who has overcome crippling anxiety, and hit rock bottom more than once ,I am now happy to say I live a much happier life now. I have learnt the importance of living a life that I love, and one that makes me happy more than unhappy. I found it very difficult when going through hardships to hear from others words such as "cheer up" or just be happy"! How can you be happy when your life is falling apart I would think to can I be happy when I am in so much pain? Although we do have free will, its not always so simple for many people to just switch to being happy, when you feel full of despair, burden or grief. Its also not really helpful to tell someone in the thick of a difficult part of their life to "just be happy" or to "cheer up" ,steps have to be taken ,and healing needs to be done!

I feel some people are a little insensitive when they are personally in a good place ,they maybe don't appreciate the fact its not so easy to just cheer up for other people! I have come to realise trying to reach the unobtainable expectation you can maintain happiness 24/7,especially in this reality, actually makes most people more miserable. I am sure the Year 2020 taught many more of us about humility and appreciating the simple things in life much more. Always be kind because you never really know the weight another person is carrying within them.

Although life can get complicated at times we can take steps to live a happier life, and become more content with the life we are currently living. Life isn't always going to be perfect, and sometimes we will hit a low. Yet with the right know how and tools, we can easier pick ourselves up and carry on walking our path.

Now I will share with you 5 steps and 5 EFT Tapping rounds to help you on your path to live a happier life...

Step 1

Do More Of What You Love

In order to live a happy life its important to be happy doing what you do on a daily basis, so begin to do more of what you love starting today. It goes without saying if we are doing something we don't enjoy every day it is going to impact our mood and overall general health.


Where and how you can do less of what you don't love and swap in more of what you do love.

What is no longer aligned with your heart/soul/vision?


Your day in such a way that you always have time to do what you love to do


Space to do what you love to do


Waste your time on things that make you unhappy and negatively impact your health

When its time to make changes we can often start with all the excuses. Our inner critic will start telling us stories of all the reasons we shouldn't, cant, wont make this happen and do more of what we love. Don't give in to the excuses and make it happen, you deserve to be happy!

Be realistic, if you are new to an activity don't expect to be an expert on day one! Save money starting today if financial reasons have been an excuse up until this point. If you really want something to happen you will find a way to make it happen. If you need help then find a mentor ,read books, do a course, find communities etc. Don't wait take action today!

Its not selfish to focus on yourself, a happier you means a happier everyone! Find and surround yourself with supportive people and communities that will back and support your changes.

If you don't know what you Love to do, take some time today to brain storm and list what you might enjoy doing on a regular basis.

What did you used to love to do? Can you start that again?

Also utilize your talents and create space to do more to show case your talents.

Don't listen to anyone who discourages you from doing more of what you love. To be a happier version of yourself creativity, imagination and play needs to be at the centre of your Life.

Step 2


Gratitude is a powerful tool because...

It helps us to feel and tune into more powerful emotions such as happiness.

We move from a place of lack to Abundance.

We think more about good experiences which leads to more happiness.

Gratitude improves our health.

It helps us feel happier about our life.

It helps us cope with traumatic events.

It helps us move through stress/stressful situations easier.

It regulates our negative emotions and improves our well-being.

It also will have a positive effect on those closer to us also It’s a strength to be able to move into gratitude.

When we write out or list on a regular basis the things, we are grateful for, it has a huge positive

impact on all areas of our life!

This has been scientifically proven to be true.

Step 3

An Optimistic Mindset

A positive mindset is associated with better health and a happier outlook. Studies show we are more likely to maintain better physical health if we are optimistic than if we are pessimistic. This includes a 50% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and greater survival rates when fighting cancer.

We are more likely to invest ,act and put effort into achieving whatever we want to do when we are optimistic about it.

Being optimistic can help to lengthen our overall length of life and keep us from an early grave.

An optimistic person tends to think the best possible thing will happen ,they keep a higher vibration and trust in the best possible out come.

Affirmation ~ Everything always works out best case scenario for me

Having an optimistic mindset enhances happiness it also increases our faith and hope for good things and good outcomes to happen for us, leading to a less stressful experience overall. It also makes the journey of life much more rewarding as its not all stories of doom and gloom and we start to look forward and get excited about life again leading to happiness.

How to train the mind to become more optimistic

Create positive mantras/affirmations ~ Affirmation - The best is yet to come!

Focus on achievements and successes

Focus on the positives

Don't try to predict the future or hold onto one way of it turning out(stay open minded)

Let go of expectations

Surround yourself with positivity and uplifting friends and energies

Keep a gratitude diary

Challenge negative thoughts

Smile more and bring humour into situations more

Step 4

Radical Acceptance

Its important to remember that no human is perfect ,we all make mistakes and we all go through dips in mood.

Radical acceptance is a distress tolerance skill that can keep pain from turning into suffering. We suffer mentally due to unrealistic expectations and shooting too far into the future or becoming stuck in the past. Radical acceptance brings us back into the now moment and from here we can empower ourselves and make some powerful changes or take action from a balanced place.

When you find yourself drifting off into the past or future, observe your thoughts in a non-judgemental way. Ask yourself " am I questioning or fighting my current reality?" "Why?"

Accepting all that we cant change currently allows us to make more balanced logical decisions. We might not be able to change what is happening but we always get to choose how we respond and how we react. The whole process becomes a lot less painful when we loosen the grip and accept ,or surrender. We are not victims of life, empower yourself and remember life happens for us not to us! What can you learn from this experience?

Look into all the potential outcomes in a situation ,because what tends to happen is we zoom into only the negative ones. Feel into positive /negative and neutral and that will alter a polarized way of thinking and shift it to a more balanced way of thinking.

Let go of all the should have/would have/could have stories that create guilt or shame. When we are stuck in the past it creates mental pain and harm to us. Come back into the now moment. Let go of the guilt. What did you learn? How can you grow from this? What can the next step forward out of this be for you?

Remember the past is in the past. All we have is the current now moment ,how can you feel better in this now moment?

Affirmations/Mantras/Meditations help us to take back control of our out of control thinking. They help us to feel calm and bring us back to peace and a more balanced mental state. Balance leads to peace and feeling more content which leads to more happiness.

Step 5

Focus On Your Strengths

Happy people focus more on their strengths than their weaknesses. When we do this it then leads to more life satisfaction which in turn leads to a happier version of ourselves. We also gain confidence and create a real zest for life. We also feel more hopeful, tune into love more, get curious about the future rather than fear it and build on perseverance and resilience.

Focus on the 3P's - Pleasure, Passion and Purpose

Its so important to not compare yourself to others, your strengths might be totally different to other peoples strengths.

If you are not sure what your strengths are then listen to feedback you get from people in your life. Consider your passions ,pay attention to when you are most productive. Ask family and friends, co-workers or your community. Take a personality test. Try new things and see what you take to quickly.

Make a list of your strengths and focus on those areas to build confidence and share what you are good at with others. Being of service or gifting others with your talents is win win, as everyone experiences good energy and happiness this way!

Life can often throw us some pretty difficult experiences, and as I earlier said we don't always have the power to change a situation. Yet we do always have the power to choose how we react and respond to these experiences. The more empowered we are the less painful that experience will be and this leads to quicker recovery and overall a happier version of ourselves too!

You will have bad days, difficult days, upsetting days, heavy day and unpredicted days, accept this is all a part of life and love and appreciate all the good days even more! Take one day at a time and accept the rough with the smooth.

Follow these steps and you will notice that you show up more and more as the happiest version of you, which is good news for you and everyone else too! This will also help to raise the collective vibration on the Earth at this time ,which is amazing! If you are Happy then it gives everyone else permission to become happier about themselves and life too!

I hope this helped you today

Thank you so much for taking time to read my words

Sending you so much love


Nayalla xxx

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