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Saviour reprogramming

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi beautiful hearts,

Having spent many years now living a single's life and having a deep relationship with myself only, plus fully focussed on being my best self, I have not only spent time looking at my whole life closely under the microscope, which hasn't always been an easy process. I have also by piecing things together been able to heal and empower myself too!

Its fair to say most of my romantic relationships have been pretty tragic to say the least, I had when younger a bit of a weakness for the "bad boys" haha those who were carrying a great deal of pain and angry with the world,and now I get why!

Being very empathic and highly sensitive and although carrying a great deal of unresolved trauma and pain myself, I had a program running telling me to ignore all my needs and make it my job to rescue others, be it my romantic interest in this case but also any others in pain and struggling. This is the saviour programming playing out. Feeling as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders and is their responsibility to heal everyone.

Although first off you might say this is noble and someone of a pure heart, yet the more we look into the saviour role the more we realise it is just as toxic as any other role playing out. Just as with the aggressor so the saviour is motivated by survival and is in a state of fight or flight. They are coming from an energy that is both manipulative (they are out to gain from the other ,so not unconditional love) and controlling keeping the other in their chosen role" victim" so they can carry out being the rescuer. You see we can not have a saviour without there being a victim and we can not have a victim without there being an aggressor. When one of these roles is playing out is more than likely the other two roles to varying degrees will be played out at times between the two. In a relationship is very common for the roles to flit between the two parties as I said to varying degrees.

The only way forward when going through any healing and breaking cycles of behaviour and thinking is to be honest and take responsibility for your part in what has happened. I had to take responsibility for my own actions and behaviours plus choices in order to move into a healthier way of thinking.

So knowing now by putting myself in the saviour role ,I was straight away putting myself in a toxic relationship and soon found myself becoming the victim. I also now realise I was holding onto a lot of anger inside from past traumas unresolved and trapped in the body, so the partners I was drawn to were showing anger outwardly. So we were drawn to each other because I was holding that vibration too only from inwardly! Law of attraction playing out! I was hurting myself by not taking good care of myself and putting myself in this kind of relationship to further cause pain (subconsciously)because by overlooking my needs I was not showing myself any love or respect at all. Thats exactly what I received back in return. Something many empathic people tend to do, many having this program running that it is selfish to take care of our needs first.

I was someone with no boundaries, there for a people pleaser who became powerless and controlled time and time again. Until I began to see the mistakes I had made. I feel many empathic people are making these very same mistakes and by sharing this I hope to shine light on this so we can all move forward.

I believe most of humanity is under the programming of these roles, the saviour, aggressor and victim. Part of the ascension process is to shed these programs and move into a place of oneness meaning for me anyway.

Love for self and all ,unconditionally. Many of us are right now going through this shedding process and I have witnessed many experiencing grieving yet dont understand why and I believe this is the reason why. We must let the old way go to allow in the healthier way of being, and healthier relationships with others too.

My whole out look on love and romantic relationships has altered completely as I have evolved and grown spiritually. Its only when we fully realise we are all expressions of love, that we understand there can be no "falling in love" with another. We raise up in love we never fall in love. If we enter a relationship from anything other than a place of pure unconditional love we are coming from a place of wanting to gain something from that other person. When we realise we generate enough love to sustain ourselves we can share a pure clean unattached energy with the other person. Love is free flowing it is only these programs, false ideas and limiting beliefs that have us seeing love any other way.

I feel the saviour role can actually when fully understood birth a very skilled teacher who is heart centred and able to show others the way forward. Moving forward in a healthy way now instead of seeking out people to rescue. Now we have a guide and a person who allows others to come to them for that guidance. There is no frustration, there is no carrying the burdens of the world or others on their shoulders. There is no taking responsibility for others, it is all very clean energy with no manipulation for personal gain or gratification.

I have helped others to recognise these roles in their own lives and this has in turn helped them to take back control of their life and lead to a healthier way of living. If you recognise this as part of your current situation and would like some further guidance please reach out to me. Many of us our giving our power away daily, feeling lost stuck and confused and when we realise it is down to old programming we understand we have the power to change our story for the better.

I plan to do more about this at a later stage and go into the other roles too and how to move on in a healthy way from them too, so watch out for that if it interests you.

Remember you cant teach a person who doesn't want to learn but if you are ready to learn the teacher will appear.

Never overlook yourself beautiful hearts for you are so important this world wouldn't be the same without you in it always remember this.

Wishing you all the very best

Sending you all my love

Nayalla xxx

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