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40 days 40 nights Fast...Ok but Why?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hi beautiful souls ,

Yes you did read correctly...yes it really does indeed say 40 days and 40 night fast! So it was in fact all the way back last year when I kept getting that inner guidance directing me to fast. Being someone who does really enjoy my food ,I just kept putting it to the back of my mind every time it came up again. Until the last few months when I started to do more research into fasting and decided that now in fact was the right time for me to have a long fast!

I am doing this fast for a few different reasons the main one being to detox my body. The fast will flush out everything from my body and this will be a way to cleanse and purify my body from the inside out! Over time our bodies due to most of us eating more than we should and a lot of the wrong things, take in more toxins than other living organisms and over time these toxins act as pollutants to the body and play havoc with its day to day function. Also the majority of us carry around a lot of undigested food within our system. So a fast will help to rid the body of all those toxins trapped inside the body, this in turn will promote a better functioning digestive system.

I also will use this time to go deeper into myself on a spiritual level, as a long fast is meant to bring deeper clarity! I am also aware that my body will go into a state of rest after a while of no solid foods. I will not be doing much in way of exercise, other than my daily walk with the dog. I have also shuffled things around so I will not have a large work load during this fast too.

I have decided to ease my body into this and for the first week I will have one meal a day ,my evening meal. Next week I plan to go into a juice fast and allow my body to indicate to me what it needs in way of nutrients from the fruit and veg I juice. This will in turn help me build a stronger relationship with my body by intuitively being guided as to what type of juice to make. I will be sharing the juices I make with you and also the benefits to the body of the things I use. I plan to have a water fast in the middle, so I will only have water for between 5-7 days the go back to juice before introducing my body back to solids again.

I will be drinking lots of water throughout this fast, I will be drinking herbal teas, green tea and chai tea. I will not be using perfumes or chemicals during this fast, I will be using essential oils for my skin care. I will also be using pink Himalayan rock salt to help with giving my body the minerals it needs and also helping to keep my body hydrated.

This is very symbolic too as many things in my life are naturally coming to an end by going through this fast it is almost like preparing myself for the next phase of my life. Letting go of the old and purifying myself ready for this to begin. It just feels like I am ready for this deep dive into myself on a much deeper level at this time too.

I am keeping everything loose and flexible here and will adapt the fast to my needs when and as needed. I am not doing this to loose weight ,so I will be very conscious of my weight loss and if I feel I have lost too much weight where it is putting my health at risk I will stop the fast. I am only of a small frame so for this reason I am aware I may not get to the 40 day marker but ,lets give it a go and see how it goes! I am very excited to see how I cope and what I learn and discover about myself on this journey deeper within.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I will keep you updated on how it goes so be sure to watch out for more in the next few day.

Wishing you all the very best and sending you all my love

Nayalla xxx

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